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General Agriculture One Liner Questions Part-5

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-5 for Agriculture Officer, PPSC, FPS, NTS, OTS, PTS, Banks and all other Agricultural Jobs

A number of linkage groups of chromosomes?The haploid number of chromosomes
Buck is male of?Goat
The final product of alcoholic fermentation is?Ethyl alcohol + CO2
Red flower pea plant is crossed with the white-flowered pea plant, F1 is red; with flower color is?Recessive
In apple, the wool aphid is genetically controlled by?ID
Single-celled plants are called?Protophyta
The storage life of fresh onion at -1 to -4ºC is?12-28 weeks
The mutation was first discovered by?Wright (1791)
Chilies belong to the family?Solanaceae
The breakdown of fatty material is referred to as?Lipolysis
Citrus rootstock species are propagated through?Seeds
Degeneration and death of aerial plant parts are called?Partial Senescence
Which layout is the most suitable for the uneven lands and sub-mountain areas?Contour system
Chemically or biochemically enzymes are primarily?Proteins
Epitasis implies?One pair of genes can completely mask the expression of another gene pair
Rigor worthies are the stiffening of?Muscles
When two or more functional groups of a single ligand are coordinated to a metal cation the complex is termed as?Chelate
which one of the following fruit is perishable?Grapes
How many types of DNA are?3
Cuscuta is an objectional weed of?Lucerne
How much iodine is contained in the body of an adult person?20 to 50 mg
A plant part that provides top and fruit-bearing surface is called?Scion
Approximately caloric value in Kcal/100 g of whole milk is?75
Walkley and Black’s method of organic matter determination allows recovery of % organic carbon content:74 %
The largest part of the female reproductive tract in chicken is?Magnum
Which type of development takes place in the female part of the ovule?Megasporogenesis
pH in the coniferous forest is?Less than 7
In Pakistan, Poultry busyness was Started in?1963
The science of growing terrestrial plants in an aerated solution is known as?Hydroponics
A child is born with an extra chromosome in each of its cells, the reason is?Non-disjunction
The occurrence of cells in diploid organisms containing multiples of the 2n genomes is known as?End polyploidy
Heterobeltiosis is estimated over the?Better parent
A mutation that kills 50% of the individual that carries the mutation is known as?Sublethal mutation
Which one of the following classifies foods into 3 broad categories stable, semi-perishable and perishable?Food processor
The plant in which CO2 fixation is solely via the Calvin cycle is?CAB
Vernalization is a process that?Promote flowering
A process of converting light energy into useful chemical energy?Photosynthesis
which of the following probably occur when a diploid cell undergoes normal meiotic division?All homologous chromosome pairs will separate
The first organisms to appear on the earth were more like plants than animals because?Plants can manufacture their own food material
The food in onion is stored in?Scale leaves
Biochemical reduction of nitrate to nitrite or gaseous nitrogen is called?Denitrification
Ammonium sulfate fertilizer containing 21% N & 24% S, is best in top dressing in:?Rice
Soil is classified as sodic soil when?SAR is >13
Common varieties of rose are developed by?Cutting
Sewage water consists of water and solids in the following percentage?99 & 1
Which type of bacteria grows best at refrigeration temperature 10°C?Psychrophilic
Schist is an example of?Metamorphic rock
The recommended ratio of male the recommended of male rows to female rows in hybrid bajra production is?2 to 4
The protein-synthesizing system is associated with?Ribosome’s
Temporary teeth in the horse are?24
The rice inflorescence is called?Panicle
A group of plants providing food, fiber and shelter are?Angiosperm
In maize source of high lysine is?Opaque 2
Who was the father of canning?Nicolas Appert
Type of mango fruit is?Drupe
Which of the following had a great influence on Drawing during the formulation of his theory of natural selection?De Vries theory of mutation
Two allele genes are located on?Two homologous chromosomes
Norine 10 is the source of dwarfing gene in?Wheat
The world’s food is lost by microbial spoilage up to the extent of?One-fifth
The texture of pastries, cookies and crackers is evaluated by?Short meter
In green vegetables, the limiting amino acid is?Methionine
In dairy products such as cheese and condensed milk the preservative used is?Nisim
A one-day-old female chick is called?Pullet
Esterases, proteinases, alkali acid phosphates belong to?Hydrolases enzyme
The storage life of Apricot at 32ºF with RH of 90% is?1-2 weeks
haploids are better for mutation studies because in them all the mutations whether recessive or dominant are expressed as?There is only one allele of each gene present in each cell
One of the following is not an advantage of genetic engineering?The gene pool is maintained
Who coined the terms genetic flexibility and phenotypic flexibility?Thoday (1953)
creep ration is given before?Weaning
The nucleic acids comprise of?DNA & RNA
Severe diarrhea and dehydration in humans is due to lack of?Lactase
The oldest food preservation techniques are?Smoking
Who characterized soil formation as set of “4” processes?Simonson
Rooting of shoots, stems or branches while they are still attached to the parents is called?Layering
Seed germination in typhoin watermelon can successfully be obtained by?Scarification
The body of a sheep is covered with specialized fibers called?Wool
Gravimetric water is present in?Macro pores
Self-incompatibility is used for hybrid seed production in?Cabbage
A genetic element that can exist in more than one of the two alternative forms is known as?Episome
Resigns is a toxic substance found in?Mango
Organic P content in the soil, by ignition method, is estimated by igniting the soil at?1000ºC
Saccharomyces creavisiae is the example of?Yeast
The carrier of genetic information is?Nucleic acid
Who coined the term genetic load?Muller (1950)
Panting is a condition in birds during which?Respiration rate increases
A pigment sensitive to light is known as?Photo receptor
Fruits ripen better at a relative humidity of at least?90%
A technique that involves separating vegetative parts like rhizome offset, corns and sucker from the parent plant is called?Division
False pregnancy is also called?Pseudo pregnancy
Stemming Ration is given during last week of?Pregnancy
The storage life of fresh oranges at 5 to 9ºc is?6-12 weeks
Immobile nutrient in the soil is:?P
In no-tillage systems, the soil layers have?Higher bulk density
Cuckoo lams are?Late born lamb
Gametophytic system of self-incompatibility was first discovered by?East and Mangelsdref (1925)
In bread preparation in added to sorbic acid which one of the following is used as a preservative?Propionic acid
Scaled polyethylene bags increase the susceptibility of orange fruit from?Mould
Rani khet is also called?new castle disease
In populations, genotypic and phenotypic ratios are identical in cases of?Incomplete dominance
Apple, guava, mango, pineapple and tomato are?Acid foods

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