You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions Part-3 for Agriculture Jobs

General Agriculture One Liner Questions Part-3 for Agriculture Jobs

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-3 For PPSC, PTS, NTS, OTS, or For any Agri jobs test

Certification is not required for?Breeder seed
Spinach, althea, winter wheat and oat are examples of?Long day and short night plants
Cystein, Cystine and methionine amino acids are?Sulpher containing
Food supply can be increased by reducing post-harvest losses?10-20%
Citrus canker is a disease caused by?Bacteria
The smallest unit of recombination in the chromosome is called?Citron
Who discovered mitochondria?Altmann
In oat a site-specific cross between Ivena sativa and A busantus?Fully fertile
DNA is the genetic material that was first discovered by?Avery et al (1944)
Increased flower size has made tetraploidy important for?Horticulturist
Bovine is a term pertaining to?Cattle
Banana is a rich source of?Carbohydrates
In date palm male spathes enclose how many flowers?10000
Cabbage and cauliflower are also?Cole crop
Many chemicals are added internationally during production, processing or storage 10 improve the qualities of food stiff are termed as?Food additives
Phoenix dactylifera belongs to the family?Palmeace
A treeless arctic plain is called as?Tundra
Mollic refers to?Surface horizon
Approximate calories in 1 slice of the fried liver are?50
Which soil is suitable for rice?Fine-textured
Gametophytic self-incompatibility was first reported in?Nicotine sandarac
Who is known as “the father of Hybrid Rice”?Yaun Longping
Agronomy is a branch of Agriculture that deals with?Principles of field management for crop production
A healthy plant not selling seed may be due to?Male sterility
The term heterosis was coined by?Shull (1914)
When a single bud is used as a scion and inserted into rootstock is called?Budding
Which one of the following is a fruit?Brinjal
A cross of hybrid with one of its recessive parent is termed?Test cross
The protoplasm is?Crysto colloidal solution
Removing of certain shoots, cones, spurs from the base of the plant is called?Thinning out
Approximate calories in 32 ounces of cooked are?214
As a result of linkage and crossing over?Exchange of chromosomal material
A male horse which has been castrated is called?Gelding
When an albino plant of maize (female) is crossed with the normally green plant (male) all plants in the progeny are albino because?Plastids are inherited through maternal parents
System of planting banana suckers followed in Sindh is?Square
Conversion of inorganic P to organic P is known as:?Immobilization
Proteins fail to work?Without acidic pH
Tomato would not have turned red if?There were no ripe apples in the box
There is a cattle breed that is Dual purpose?Meat purpose
One of the following is not a technique in hybridization?Inosculation
Color changes leading to brown, grey and other in fresh and cured meat can arise from?Microbial activity
The storage life of honey at 31ºF with RH of 90% is?12 months
Which of the following is not a legume crop?Wheat
An atmosphere with a reduced concentration of O2 and increased concentration of CO2 is called?Controlled atmosphere
A general term applied to a domestic animal is called?Livestock
The food in which the moisture content is less than 15% is called?Stable foods
The parry of Cauliflower which is eaten is?Inflorescence
Respiration rate in sheep is?15 -30 /min
Amount of DNA is the diploid cells?Coustant for all organismes
Organic (O) horizon is absent in?Arable soils
What is a stump?Shoot cutting
Many groups of insects have developed resistance to DDT and other insecticides as a result of?Polyploidy
Enzyme proteases are used for?Tenderizing meat
The concentration of ethylene required for the ripening of Banana is?10 ppm with 24 hr
Widely spread saprophytic fungi is?Ascomycetes
All organisms or cells having a chromosome number that is not an exact multiple of the monoploid or basic number is known as?Aneuploid
The influence of light on flowering in plants is?Photoperiodism
The formula used for calculating RSC is?RSC=(CO32 + HCO2) ( Ca2 + Mg2)
Which one of the following is a high salt-tolerant crop?Lucerne
Highly specialized plants reproduced by seeds are called?Angiosperm
Coconut is propagated by?Sucker
Smaller breeds have a temperature little bit than larger breeds?Higher
The exact formula for sodium hexametaphosphate is?[(NaPO3)13]
Tomato is a?Day-neutral plant
Which element can be fixed by smectite?
What is the function of Gorge bodies?Segregation of the products of synthesis
In pulses, limiting amino acids include?Tryptophan
Heat requirement to change 1 Kg of a substance at its boiling point from the liquid to vapor is called?Heat of vaporization
Heterosis can be fully exploited in the form of?Hybrids
An adult female sheep is also called?Ewe
The giant chromosomes of Drosophila are found in?Salivary glands
Sugarcane is an example of?Simple food
Plants can be made disease-resistant by?Breeding with the wild variety
A cross of hybrid with one of its parents is termed as?Backcross
The common and easily available source of energy does not contain RNA?ATP
Cosmos, chrysanthemum, poinsettia are examples of?Short day plants
The photosynthesis reaction is determined by?Hill reaction
DAP fertilizer available in Pakistan contains?18% N & 46% P2O5
What percentage of land is cultivable in the world?11%
The organic evolution took place about?200,000,000 years
The nutrient stimulating vegetative growth is?Nitrogen
Chitin and steroids are?Carbohydrates
Parthenocarpic refers to?Seed less fruit
The highest milk-producing cattle in Pakistan is?Sahiwal
The fertile eggs are never be stored at a temperature less than?11°C
Organic evolution through large discontinuous variations was propounded by?Huge and Vnes
A female horse less than one year of age is called?Filly
The process that converts glucose to pyruvic acid is?Glycolysis
Tropical and subtropical fruits have the highest level of?Maltose and starch
Hydrosphere refers to?Zone of water
Which are the necessary conditions for the Hardy Weinberg principle for applying to the genetic population?High mutation ratio and small population
Haploid plants have been produced by another culture in tomato by?Greshof and Doy (1972)
The shape of an egg is a?Heritable character
The exact chemical formula of DAP fertilizer is?(NH2) HPO4
In meiosis homologous chromosomes separate from each other in?Anaphase I
Anaerobic respiration is known as?Fermentation
The amount of feed that the animals consume during 24 hours without any compulsion is called?Voluntary feed intake
The composition of igneous rock is determined by?Composition of molten magma

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