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Soil Science One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs

Soil Science One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs ( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer, soil scientist/chemist jobs etc)

The forest soils have lower bulk density than agricultural soils because of their content.High organic matter
Which chemical is used to prevent evaporation from the surface of the water in water bodies?Cetyle alcohol
Availability of Phosphorus is maximum at:……?Neutral
The evolution of new species is known as……?Speciation
Exposure of the manures to rains causes the highest loss of?N
Types of erosion are:Normal (geological) erosion & Accelerated erosion
There are twelve soil orders found in the world of which six soil orders have been recognized at various locations are?Entisols, Inceptisols, Aridisols, Alfisols, Mollisols, Vertisols
The horizons O, A, E and B (other than r and C) are collectively called……?Solum
Plants which grow on sandy soils:…?Psammophytes
The maximum amount of water that soil can hold after free drainage has ceased is called as…?Water holding capacity
swelling clay soils, develop cracks due to greater proportion of swelling type clays:Vertisols
In Pakistan, Nitrophos is manufactured in…?Multan
The soil texture refers to the relative proportion of sand,…… and clay:Silt
Organic Soils are classified as … and are also known as … soils:Histosols, peat & muck
World biodiversity day is celebrated on:…?May-22
Tunnel erosion is the form of:……?Gully Erosion
The removal of excess water from the ground surface is called:?Surface operations
Which element is known as the chemical policeman of a plant?Potassium
Rhizoplane is?Root surface
What civil engineers called soil?Earth
The practice of managing rows of closely planted woody plants with annual crops planted in alleys in between hedges is called as:?Hedgerows intercropping
The marble is a……?Dynamo metamorphic
A most abundant organic compound in nature?Cellulose
The capacity of soil to function on a sustained basis promoting plant and animal health:Soil Quality
Aridisols cover the largest in Pakistan…?259,710 km
, considered a perfect soil, is a mixture of silt, clay and sand:Loam
Soil conservation is performed by:…?By plantation
The movement of water through a column of soil is called:?Percolation
The credit for identifying the essentiality of nitrogen to plants goes to?Theodore-saussure
The clay fraction of the soil contains particles less than 0.002 mm. Particles <0.001 mm size:Soil colloids
Most common rocks, after exposed to weathering which cover about % 0f the earth:Sedimentary rocks
Soil-forming minerals occurring in rocks do not contain any water, they undergo when exposed to humid conditions & break down as in the chemical weathering process:Hydration
The process by which nutrients chemicals or contaminants are dissolved and carried away by water, or are moved into a lower layer of soil:Leaching
The albedo of the earth is:……?30%
In alkaline soil which form of phosphorus uptake by plants?Secondary orthophosphate
Combination of soil genesis and classification is collectively called…?Pedology
“Wash-in” takes place on which horizon?B
1 meq of HCl is equal to…?14 mg of N
Which of the following soil has the highest water holding capacity…?Forest soil
Which type of soil is found near the canal banks:Alkaline
Previously Essential nutrients required for the growth of plants were sixteen. In recent times the essential nutrients required for the growth of plants are:…?18
The deficient macronutrient in the sodic soils is:…?Ca
Wind transported materials if it is silt dominated is……?Loess
Specific heat is higher in:Humus
The appropriate method to apply phosphatic fertilizers is……?Basal placement
Deforestation may decrease the chances of……?Rainfall
The most outstanding green manure crop is……?Dhaincha
An intrazonal group of dark calcareous soils high in clay and having mainly montmorillonitic type clay are called as:?Regur
The nutrient element silicon (Si) is:…?Beneficial
The lands which are rich in soluble salts and exchangeable sodium:Saline-Alkaline
The planned development, distribution and use of water resources:Water management
The largest soil order in Pakistan?Aridisols
Fe is trivalent in which of the chemical compound:Fe (NO)
Water occupied the larger soil pores and moves down readily under the force of gravity. Water in excess of the field capacity is termed:Gravitational water
A group of soils with the same parent material but located at different positions of the slope?Catena
During decomposition of organic matter, initial decomposition is dominated by:……?Bacteria
The configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features is called:?Topography
The process of deposition of soil materials in the lower layer is termed as:…?Illuviation
Which one of the following clay minerals has the highest CEC?Vermiculite
What is the effect of the application of P2O5 fertilizer to a green manure leguminous crop on the availability of phosphorus to the succeeding crop?It does not affect the availability of phosphorous to succeeding crop
The immobilization and accumulation of the eluviated constituents at some depth beneath the soil surface:?Illuviation
Element responsible pollen grain of plant……?B
Being a soil scientist, do you know which is the popular book of soil science of Nyle.C.brady, 14th edition available in markets:The nature and properties of soil
… erosion is the removal of a thin layer of soil by water acting over the whole surface. This type of erosion damaged very fertile lands located on slopes, some of which have been eroded to a depth of about 15 cm.Sheet erosion
…… particles range in diameter between 0.02 to 0.002 mm:Silt
Nitrogen & sulfur dioxide are liberated from motor vehicles & industries. Nitrogen & Sulphur gases dissolve in the water vapor of the atmosphere & form nitric & sulphuric acid. This rainwater falls on the soil as…… & contaminates soil also:Acid rain
Which of the following crops is most tolerant to salty soils?Cotton
The indicator used for estimation of the soil available boron is…?Azomethine-H
Rhizosphere is:An area of soil in the immediate vicinity around the root
A mineral horizon that is either too thin, too light in color, too low in the organic matter:Ochric epipedon
The water diffusivity has the units of:……?cm2/s
Soil order characterized by an excess of weathering with dominant iron and aluminum oxide clays, common in tropics is…?Oxisols
Oxygen and Silicon together comprise approximately %of the earth’s crust?75 %
The dominance of acidity creates toxicity?Al
Which of the following statement is wrong regarding, Soil …?Dirt is a threat to all living life & crop production
Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter are together as called……?Nitrobacteria
…is probably the most important growth-limiting factor in acid soils especially those having pH below 5.0-5.5?Aluminum
Which mulch reduces soil temperature?Polythene
International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), founded in?1924
The most suitable species for reclamation of sandy soils is:…?Azadirachta indica
The capacity of soil to function on a sustained basis promoting plant & animal health:Soil quality
Soil pores created by animals such as earthworms and plant roots are called…?Biopores
Any tillage and planting system that maintains at least 30% of the soil surface covered by residue after planting for the purpose of reducing soil erosion by water:Conservation Tillage
Extrusive rocks are also called as in which the grain or crystalline structure is too fine to be seen by the unaided eye?Aphantic Rock
Clay and humus particles are referred to as colloids and are less than 0.002mm. Due to their small size, colloids have a surface area which provides a surface for adsorption, catalysis, precipitation and microbial colonization: Extremely high
Journal ‘Plant and Soil’ is published from……?The Netherlands
Which one of the following techniques is used for assessing available P in soil and does not include growing plants:E-Value
The rate of entry of water in the soil is……?Infiltration
If a manure pile is exposed to the rain, what nutrient will be lost the most?N
Accumulation of Al and Fe oxides and clays coming from the upper profile layers:Zone of Illuviation
Potassium (K) fixation capacity is maximum in:…?Vermiculite
Groundwater refers to the?Aquifer location
The process of transformation of raw organic matter into humus:Humification
The term rhizosphere was coined by:?Hiltner
Which of the following fertilizers show maximum residual acidity with the continuous soil application:Ammonium sulfate
What is Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM)?Fungi
Who will decompose organic matter first:Fungi imperfecti
Field Capacity is a point at which?All the macropores filled with air & the micropores filled with water
Shallow channels that can be readily corrected by routine tillage operations is called:Ephemeral gullies
The very high temperatures required for ICP-AES are attained by……?Plasma
A set of soils with the same parent material, topography, climate and biota but different ages is called…?Chrono sequence
The tree sends down roots from its branches to the soil is known as:…? Banyan
Loss of nitrogen in the form of NH3 in an alkaline medium is known as…?Volatilization
Inland capability classification, class I-Iv is suitable for:…?Suitable for cultivated farming
Soil particles as individuals such as sand and do not form aggregates. These are usually found in parent material or C horizon is:…?Single-grained
Which of the following is wrong?Sandy soils have a higher sand percentage with more water holding capacity
“Soil” word derives from which language?Latin
In acidic soil which forms of phosphorus uptake by plants?Primary orthophosphate
The basic form of present-day Universal soil loss equation (USLE), initially involved the use of factors such as?R, K, S, L, C and P
Which of the following nutrient play the most effective role in controlling the rate of transpiration:Potassium
Soil order Vertisol is related to:…?Black soils
Silica tetrahedron is……?Four-sided arrangement
Chemicals, used for controlling the disease of crops, fruits & vegetables is & chemical prepared for controlling insect-pests —-:Fungicides—Insecticides
…refers to the increase in density of soil as a result of applied load or pressure?Compaction
Any material such as straw, sawdust, leaves, plastic films, & loose soil that is spread upon the surface of the soil to protect the soil & plant roots from the effects of raindrops, soil crusting, freezing or evaporation:Mulch
The unique soil environment under the influence of plants roots is called rhizosphere and this term was given by……?Hiltner
Accumulation of soluble salts in soil?Salinization
Inceptisols:?Young soils with few horizons
Water is the major constituent of all living creatures. Biomass of plants is composed of % water:85 – 95%
Micas have isomorphous substitution:…?Predominantly in the octahedral layer
In cotton, zn deficiency is known as…?Little leaf
Availability of Zn is higher to crops in:…?Acid soils
Which is the correct sequence of soil erosion by water:Sheet-Rill-Gully
consist of particles that are produced by disintegration of pre-existing rocks through the process of weathering:Clastics
Organisms satisfying their carbon requirement as Co2 from atmosphere and energy requirement from oxidation of simple inorganic compound are called as…?Chemoautotroph
What is a soil horizon?Layers of soil
Which of the following is a component of nucleic acid and protein:N
One of the following is not a form of water erosion:Saltation
…… systems play a crucial role in increasing soil organic C storage and reducing net emissions of greenhouse gases in addition to soil erosion control:Agroforestry
New soils, no or little profile development:Entisols
The instrument used for measuring the photosynthetically active radiations (PAR) is:?Quantum sensor
Roots usually occupy:……?1% or less of soil volume
The resistance of soil at various moisture contents to mechanical stresses or manipulations:Soil consistency
According to one estimate, wind and water erosion over % of Pakistan’s total area?76%
What happens when saline-alkaline soil is reached with water:pH increase & Ec decrease
If the chlorophyll content in plant increases, the solar radiation transmitted:Decreases
Surface removal of ice or snow from a glacier or snowfield by melting, sublimation, and/ or calving:Ablation
The virus infecting bacteria is called:…?Bacteriophage
Association of two microorganisms in which one is benefited while the other remains unaffected is known as:?Commensalism
Which type of structure is dominant in grasslands:Spheroidal or Sphere-like
Phosphorus (P) is the second major nutrient essential for plant growth. With the exception of Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K), Phosphorus is required by plants in…?Greater quantities
The flow of nitrogen in soil due to:…?Mass flow
Which of the following crop takes N in the ammonical form:Rice
What is the formula of urea?CO (NH)
Igneous rocks are called:……?Primary rocks
The unit of a scale used to measure the level of acidity or alkalinity of chemicals is called:pH
The study of the relationship between soil properties & plant production is known as:…?  Soil Science
What are diatoms?Soil Algae
The indicator used for the estimation of the organic matter or organic carbon is;…?Diphenylamine indicator
The internal & external surfaces of soil colloids are positively and or negatively charged. Mostly … is dominant:Negative
Father of soil conservation and Father of Pedology respectively?Bennett & Dokuchaev
Depending on the percentage of sand, silt, clay, soils are divided into … textural classes:12
Available water is held between?Field capacity to wilting point
AAS stands for:?Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Sometimes, AB/EB/BA/BE horizons in the soil profile are present which are called……?Transition horizons
Principles of soil conservation do not include:Leave barren lands uncultivable to support desertification degradation
The highest Cation Exchange Capacity is in:…?Clay soil
Soil Organic Matter (SOM) which consists of about … % organic carbon plays a vital role by providing macro & micronutrients:58%
The lower leaves turn yellow and in some crops, they quickly start drying up as if suffering from a shortage of water, stunted growth, leaves & fruits shedding & whole plant becomes yellow, are deficiency symptoms of:…?Nitrogen
Which is the main cause of desertification?Overgrazing
Small rivulets or finger-like channels formed on the surface of the earth by the action of water, these channels are of small depth & can be leveled by tillage operations is:None of these
Who considers the various properties of soil in relation to plant production?Edaphologists
The soils in which the weathered material is taken away to another place by several agents are called……?Transported soil
The availability of essential nutrients from the soil to the plants is controlled by the properties of soil:chemical
The suitable species for reclamation of saline & sodic soil is:……?Casuarina equisetifolia
International Union of Forest Research Organization (IUFRO) is located:Austria
In Pakistan, there is a general deficiency of rainfall. It varies from 125 mm annually in upper Sindh to about 900 mm in the sub-mountainous of northern Pakistan. In Balochistan the mean annual rainfall is about 200 mm, diminishing to mm in the desert of Kharan:<50 mm
Browning disease of rice is a…?Physiological disease
… of alluvium (stratified sediment) by earth-worms is the most important soil-forming process in the alluvial plain of Pakistan:Homogenization
Losses of soil water not included…? Hydroponics loss
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