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Agronomy One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs

Agronomy One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs. Preparation for Agriculture Officer, Agricultural/Cotton Inspector, Agronomist, Research Officer, Banks test, Water management Officer and all other agri jobs

CLCV stands forcotton leaf curl virus
Low soil pH is an indication ofHigh Mg and Ca
The soil has gotSeven horizons
Sunflower is an allelopathic crop to manyWeeds
Effects of the allelopathic compound in the life cycle of plants cause inhibition ofseed germination
A treeless arctic plan is called asTundra
The prescribed germination percentage of the foundation seed of ground nut is85
The number of crops grown on the same piece of land in a year and expressed in percentage is known asCropping index
The contribution of agriculture to the GDP of the country is25%
Electrolytes leakage is found greater inHD grains
Part of the embryonic axis which develops into the root is calledRadicle
Gassypium herbaceum originated inSouth Mexico and Central America
The vegetation found in high-altitude mountains isAlpine vegetation
Gassypium arborium isDiploid
The ratio of economic yield to biological yield expressed in percentage is calledHarvest index
A process in which most of the organisms are killed is known asSterilization
2,4-d is a synthetic herbicide derived fromAuxins
The progeny of the nucleus seed is calledBreeder seed
Air contains78% nitrogen
When the course of water is blocked at some places if is calledHeadworks
The application of fertilizer nutrients in proportions best suited to the needs of the crop is calledBalanced fertilization
The series of transformations which a nutrient undergoes in the biosphere before returning to its original formation is calledNutrient cycle
The amount of water required to rise a crop to maturity within a given period of time is calledCrop Water requirement
Who described the method of estimating seed vigour on the basis of the colour intensity of stained seed?Kittock and Law (1969)
Tillage is a field operation which helps in cutting, loosening and inverting the soil forIrrigation
Controlled runoff, water supplies, irrigation and soil fertility are called asCatchment protection
Delta pine variety of cotton was imported into Pakistan in the year1970
The progeny of the nucleus seed is calledBreeder seed
In wheat total crop P uptake per ton of gram is about2-3Kg
The use of tetrazolium staining for the assessment of seed quality was suggested byMoore (1973)
Hybrid seeds are developed because theyProduce better crops, Provide greater vigour and Are more uniform
In rice, high silicon content, in the shoot confers resistance toStem borer
One of the plants introduced from the new world to the old world isPotato
The given-off water vapours from the surface of leaves are calledTranspiration
Fumigating and warming soil by covering it with black plastic is calledSoil solarization
APTMA stands forAll Pakistan textile mills association
In the country’s GDP, the cotton accounts for2%
Growing more than one crop in a season in the same land is calledIntensive cropping
The root of the cotton plant goes up to a depth of4-6 ft
IPM stands forIntegrated pest management
the enzyme responsible for biological nitrogen fixation isNitrogenase
A region with an annual rainfall of fewer than 10 inches comes underAnd climate
Solar energy emitted by the sun reaches the earth’s surface absorbed and returned back in the form ofInfrared radiation
A method of estimating seed vigour on the basis of the colour intensity o the stained seeds was described byKittock and Law (1963)
Among the important greenhouse gases, two are found in higher concentrationMethane and carbon mono oxide
Gassypium hirsutum isTetraploid
What is SAZDASindhi Arid Zone Development Authority
Fertilizer application before seed sowing is calledBasal application
Gaseous loss of a substance from the soil or from fertilizer or manure is calledVolatilization
A condition of green plants in which they become unhealthy and pale yellow in colour is known asChlorosis
Agro-ecological regions of Sindh are4
What is catchmentAn area that drains into the pond
Removal of cellular water followed by shrinkage of protoplasm is due toPlasmolysis
The cotton plant has a mode of germinationIndeterminate type of growth
The Cotton plant belongs to the family.Malvaceae
The depth of irrigation water required for the full crop period is calledDelta of water
One of the following insect act as a vector for CLCVWhitefly
The green revolution came into being due to the evolution ofWheat varieties
Among the cotton-exporting countries, the number of America is1
The major source of foreign exchange earnings isCotton
Initial vegetation that invades and occupies the area is calledPioneer
Narcotic crops mainly grown in Pakistan isTobacco
The ratio of the actual cultivated’ area to the total farm area over the year is calledCropping intensity
In pulses, for the production of a nucleus seed, we require a minimum of500 plant progenies
Water courses are lined to avoidSeepage
The drip method of irrigation is not suitable to close spaced crops becauseHigh cost of pipes
Natural water as pH equal to1
Plants which grow in the dry region areXerophytes
Which one of the following is a major fibre crop of Pakistan?Cotton
The practice of producing two successive crops of the same species from the same piece of land in one year is calledDoubling cropping
The geographical area of Pakistan in million hectares is80
Due to phosphorus deficiency in plantsRoots do not develop properly, Plants mature late
and Poor flowering and fruit selling occurs
Who described? the use of tetrazolium for assessing, seed quality and the basis of topographical patternsMoore (1973)
In Bindi, the production of foundation seed needs an isolation distance of200 meters
The negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration, a measure of the acidity of a solution is calledpH
Conducting experiments in glasses is calledInvitro
In B.T cotton B.T. stands forBacillus thuringensis
The herb plants haveNon-woody stem
Seed leachate conductivity is significantly higher in seeds havingLower shoot weight
The productive branches of cotton are calledSympodial branches
The seed rate of cotton per acre is5-6 kg
Allclopatluc interactions in general and the allelochemicals, in particular, are viewed as an important tools forWeed and pest management
In pulses, limiting amino acids areTryptophan
Auxins and cytokinins areGrowth regulators
The hot desert has a mean annual temperature of30°C
Who gave the formula for the speed of germinationMaguire (1962)
Zinc deficiency is generally observed inRice
The highly decomposed stage of organic matter is calledHumus
Bacillus thuringensis season cotton is aBacteria
Raising only one crop in a year, when there is a seasonal supply of water is calledMonocropping
Penetrometer are used for measuringSoil tilth depth
In the fanning system cultivation of two or more crops is known asMultiple cropping
Among the cotton-exporting countries, the number of Pakistan is3rd
The living together of two or more species in a prolonged and intimate ecological relationship is calledSymbiosis
The systematic arrangement of soil into groups or categories is calledClassification
A foreign variety that is directly recommended for commercial cultivation is calledExotic variety
The climates of Sindh province comes underSubtropical
The first ginning machine was invented in1793 AD
Mesophytes are grown inMoist places
When one set of vegetation follows the oilier set of vegetation with the passage of time is known asSuccession
EC of saline soil is equal to or greater than4
In China, cotton was cultivated as a crop.4th century AD
genetic purity of the seed is determined byGrow out test
Breeders seed production is taken up from the nucleus seed B and A lines are pollinated in an isolation of 1 Km in a ratio of1:4
Crop rotation means growingGrowing different crops
Organic farming is a copping system in whichFertilizers and pesticides are not used
Partially decomposed organic matter is termed asCompost
Better crop establishment especially for direct-seeded rice can be obtained by usingHigh-density grain
The K is predominantly inStraw
Generally, field crops are cultivated at an altitude02000 ft
The movement of water in the soil profile is known asPercolation
Green vegetables are the source ofFolate
The diversity of animals and crop species in different ecosystems is called asBiodiversity
Root nodules in plants help inNitrogen fixation
The role of boron and zinc has been recognized in cropRice
The crops which are grown to reduce soil erosion and natural losses by leaching is known asCover crops
Cotton the ginning machine was invented byWithey
Cultivation of the same crop year after year is calledMonocropping
Integrated pest management involvesChemical, cultural, and biological method
A method of control of pests in which natural predators and parasites are used without causing serious adverse environmental side effects is calledIPM
Hot with a cool winter inSubtropical
High-density grains are found mostly atTop of panicle
CCRI stands forCentral cotton research institute
A. income farm where the operator is producing primarily his family’s needs rather than for sale is calledSubsistence farming
What do you mean by WTOWorld trade organization
Oka (1975) has suggested that me population size suitable for maintenance and seed production of a commercial crop of a self-pollinated species should be300 plants
The actual amount of H2O present in the air is calledAbsolute humidity
In cotton the recommended R x R distance is75 cm
Fertilizer requirements of wheat under medium loamy soil is136-85 NP kg/ha
On the basis of a cotton-cultivated area which one of the following countries occupies the first position?India
The equipment used for separating, cleaning and grading small seeds from the given sample isSeed sorter
Which one of the following constitutes the best defamation of fruitFruit is a mature ovary that contains the seed
The percentage of area irrigated by a cusec of water during the season is calledIntensity
Pulling of off-type plants from a cropped field is calledRouging
In 1992-93 the greatest decrease in the production of cotton was due to the attack ofCLCV
The experimental design which controls fertility levels in two directions is known asLSD
The best soil for cotton cultivation isClay loam soil
The seed dormancy of rice seeds can be broken by putting them into the oven at53°c for 6 hrs
In Sunflower, the production of foundation seed requires an isolation distance of400 meters
Barani Agriculture institute is located at Chakwal
Who gave the formula for the coefficient of the velocity of germination?Kotowski (1926)
Azolla which fixes nitrogen in the rice field isFerm
The maximum working depth of the disc plough is300 mm
The crop which is cultivated for grain purposes are calledCereal crops
Sugar beet belongs to the family?Chenopodiaceae
Seeds of wheat, paddy and maize showed a positive correlation between germination (%) and viability (%) as determined byTz test
Organisms which are genetically modified are calledTransgenic organisms
The significance of difference among several means is tested with the level ofF-test
The total dry matter produced by a plant as resulting photosynthesis is calledBiological yield
The Indus river is one of the longest rivers of Asia measuring about2900 Km
In which province is the only source of income is livestock grazing in range landsBalochistan
The main reason behind the shedding of flowers in cotton isHigh temperature
The potential means of enhancing productivity isQuality of seeds
In 1991-92 the record production of cotton in Pakistan was12800,000 bales
The plants which grow on stream banks arePheritophytes
The transport of a substance across a biological membrane against a concentration gradient is calledActive transport
The critical stages in cotton isFlowering
The control and preservation of natural resources For present and future use isConservation
The oxygen concentration in the air is21%
Mg in plants acts asEnzyme activator
The technical name of janter isSesbania sesban
Excess of nitrogen to plants causesDelay in ripening
One rooting hormone occurring naturally in plants isIndole butyric
The substance that an enzyme acts upon is known asSubstrate
A precise assessment of pest pressure to evaluate Economic risk from pest infestations is calledCrop scouting
The value of regression and correlation is the same when the correlation between two variables isPerfect
The ratio of treatment variance to error variance is known asF-value
Soil water in excess of hygroscopic and capillary water which moves downward through the soil by the force of gravity is calledGravitational water
A gas produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic compounds is calledMethane
On the basis of the yield of cotton per hectare which of the following country occupies the first position?Australia
Field capacity and permanent wilting point are different and indifferentSoils
The Indus basin irrigation system has19 Barrages
Hyderabad district area is inThai range area
The genus of cotton isGassypium
Allelopathy is an important component in the development of future integrated strategies forWeed management
A crop grown on residual moisture after harvesting rice is calledRatoon crop
The plants which, grow neither in dry nor in wet conditions areMesophytes
Allelopathy interaction between plants plays a crucial role inEcosystems
Allelocliemicals may enter the soil through the process ofRoot exudation
The use of linear measurements of plumule growth as a vigour test was first suggested byGerm (1949)
Plants adapted to arid regions areXerophytes
Sowing seed without any tillage in the soil is calledZero tillage
In wheat, the production of certified seed needs an isolation distance of3 Meters
N mineralization is affected by soil pHAbove 6
The control and preservation of natural resources for present and future use is calledConservation
Accumulation of transported material A to B horizon is known asilluviation
The harmful influence of one living plant on another living plant by the secretion of a toxic substance is calledAllelopathy
The ratio of the actual cultivated area to the total farm area over a year is calledCropping intensity
Resistance of plants to a living organism is calledBiotic resistance
International Institute for Tropical Agriculture is located atMexico
Weedicides that kill the foliage of weeds by direct contact are asParaquat
Tensiometer is used for measuringSoil moisture
The wearing away of the land surface by wind, water, ice or other geological agent is calledErosion
Foliar application of nitrogen means applying nitrogen in solution form toLeaves
Very hot and winterless condition isTropical
The mutual association between fungi and the roots of plants is known asMycorrhizae
Plants that can tolerate drought areXerophytes
Organisms which feed on dead and decaying organisms are called asSaprophytes
genetic purity is assessed throughGermination
A good source of vegetable protein isPulses
In Pakistan, the total length of the canal system exceeds58000 Km
A region with an annual rainfall of fewer than 10 inches comes underSemi-arid climate
Who gave the formula for mean germination time?Nicolls &Heydecker (1968)
Breeder seed is the progeny ofNucleus seed
Primary air pollution isSO
Abnormal seeding growth in rice is more closely related toLD grains
In wheat total crop N uptake per ton of grain is about15-20 Kg
PASSCO stands for?PASSCO stands for Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation
Plants having no defined limits of the vegetative and reproductive element is calledIndeterminate growth
Simple plains that lack photosynthesis pigments are called asFungi
On the basis of the yield of cotton per hectare which of the following country occupies the second positionTurkey
The condition of drying of plant parts due to lack of water is calledWilting
The deficient level of N(%) in plants suggested by various workers is<1%
The Delta of water for the cotton crop is?25-acre inches
A long severe winter and short summer are called?Arctic
Root nodules in plant help in?Nitrogen fixation
The severe salinity problem has taken lands out of production as?10%
The branch of Science which deals cultivation of land is called?Agriculture
The contact herbicides are less effective to?Perennial plants
Pakistan has a total forest area of about_?12 million ha
the layer of the atmosphere which blocks ultraviolet radiation from the sun is?Ozone
Certification is not required for?Breeder seed
Gassypium barbadense originated in?Central and South America
Hitting the seed with force against a hard surface to break seed dormancy is called?Impaction
Which is the most important cereal crop in the temperature region?Wheat
Root rot of cotton is a?Fungal disease
Leguminous plants are important in agriculture because?Help in the nitrogen economy of nature
The ratio of crop yield to the amount of water utilized is called?Crop water use efficiency
The management of kind by planting a series of crops and pastures or following to maximize production with sustaining land quality is called?Crop rotation
Cotton plant has a mode of germination?Epigeal germination
Two much Mg may create deficiency for?N
The higher leachate conductivity is associated with?Immature seed?
Seed bag labelled with white colour indicates?Basic seed
The lowest pest population that will cause economic damage is called_?Economic threshold
The critical factor for crop production is?Pure seed
There is__?43560 Sq ft in an acre
Removal of branches for forage is?Lopping
Plants grown in the dry region are?Xerophytes
A warm summer and pronounced winter are called?Temperature
AZR1 is?Arid zone research institute
Cotton plants belong to one of the following categories?C3 plant
On the basis of season cotton is a?Kharif crop
Wheat is predominantly?Self-pollinated crop
Seed dormancy of nee seeds can be successfully broken by heat treatment at?50°c for 3-7 days
Melilotus alba is an objectional weed of?Methi
England cotton was imported from the time in?1430 AD
The environment where an organism lives is?Habitat
A pasturing system that allows short periods of heavy use followed by recovery, the period is called?Rotational grazing
Seeds which dried at low moisture contents and stored at low temperatures without losing their viability are?Orthodox seeds
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