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Entomology One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs

Entomology One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs ( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer, etc)

The young ones of exopteryotes but aquatic in habit are?Naiad
The control of pests by human controlling activities and law is calledRegularity method
Three main parts of antennae areScape pedicel, flagellum
House has antennaeAristate
The width of the area treated in one pass by a sprayer or other applicator is calledSwath
The phenomenon of insect resistance to one type of insecticide providing resistance to other insecticides with a similar mode of action__?Cross-resistance
The function of epicuticle in insects isImpermeability of water and prevent evaporation
The costal margin of the wing of an insect is?Frontal margin
The ability of a plant by means of which it is less damaged by insects is?Tolerance
The artificial food of Queen is known asRoyal Jelly
The parasites which require several or different hosts for their complete development are called?Heteroxenous parasites
Royal Jelly is made up of__?Pollen and nectar
An example of a polyphagous insect is__?Helicoverpa armigera
The chemical used for controlling mites is called__?Acaricide
The type of diapause which occur in winter is?Hibernation
Any organism which harms or causes damage to man directly or indirectly is called a?Pest
An ingredient added in pesticide to enhance and maintain the efficacy of active ingredient is____?Insert ingredient
Dragonfly and damselfly have the type of legs_?Basket like
An insect pest normally present at some time during the growing season that causes economic damage to a crop is called a?Key pest
Difference between workers and drones _____?Drones are male while workers are sterile
The arrangement (disposition and number) of bristles or setae on the body and appendages – of particular importance in the classification of Diptera and mites:Chaetotaxy
The insect skeleton is composed of a series of plates called__?Sclerites
A Chemical added to a pesticide to increase its activity is called?Activator
Type of reproduction in which young ones Produced from unfertilized eggs is?Parthenogenesis
The insects which spend their lives individually and do not live in colonies are known as_____?Solitary insects
The dorsal sclerotized region of the insect body is called__?Tergum
The type of reproduction in which young ones are produced by larval or pupal stages is____?Paedogenesis
The body wall of an insect which includes the cuticle, epidermis and basement membrane is__?Integument
Propagation and release of sterile incompatible individuals done in pest population is called__?Genetic control
The insect is_?Cold-blooded animals
The ingredient of pesticide formulation responsible for toxic effect is called_?Active ingredient
The bees which are reared artificially as a commercial business are called?Domestic bees
A volatile chemical that exists in the gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be lethal for a given pest is called?Fumigant
It is an organism that lives on or within another living organism called_?Parasite
Insects that are active at night are called?Nocturnal insects
The workers of ants, bees and wasps are_?A nonreproductive female
The type of pheromone which gets together the insects for food and mating is known as?Aggregation pheromone
Mouthparts of Sugarcane pyrilla are:___?Sucking
When some cultivars are resistant and some cultivars are susceptible when they are infected with the same insect biotype such type of resistance is called___?Specific resistance
The desert locust is__?Migrant pest
The insect that parasitizes the larger animals is called____?Zoophagous parasites
Honey bees with a row of minutes hooks on the anterior wings that catch into the up-rolled hind border of the fore wing are_______?hamuli
Cotton bollworms and sugarcane borers are_?Major pest
What are helpful insects___?Weed killers, scavengers, predators, pollinators, parasites
The long axis of the head is horizontal and in line with the insect body and mouthparts directed forward is a type of head_______?Prognathous
A chemical or secretions which are thrown outside the body for transmitting a message to the individual of the same species is_?Pheromone
The insect which Parasitizes one species of the host is called__?Permanent Parasite
It is the tendency of a plant to escape infestation is known as?Pest avoidance
The quality of a pesticide to remain as an effective residue because of its low volatility and chemical stability is termed as__?Persistence
A mixture that included pesticides that decrease the efficiency of each other is called__?Antagonistic mixture
The living organism that lives in or on the bodies of other living organisms from which they get their food, during at least one stage of their existence is called?Parasites
Aphis lions are predators of___?Aphid
A tail, including the tail-like structure of an aphid:_______?Cauda
Gurdaspur borer is a pest of_?Sugarcane
Types of pheromones which motivate the insects to follow each other are known as____?Trial marking pheromone
The chemical used for controlling fish is called__?Pesticide
Grasshoppers and cricket have mouth parts__?Biting chewing type
Chemicals, which transmit the chemical message, to individuals of various species_.Allelo chemicals
The function of Exo cuticle insect is_?The rigidity of body parts
A chemical that inhibits clotting mechanisms of the blood is called __?Chronic poisoning
All the practices used to control the pest population within a certain limit are called_?Artificial control
A type of resistance in which a series of different cultivars of the same crop is infested with a series of different insect biotypes of the same species show no differentia intersection, such type of resistance is___?Horizontal resistance
Commercial rearing of honey is called?Apiculture
The physiological state or arrested metabolism in which the development of insects is delayed irrespective of environmental factors is____?Diapause
Which families are most of them scavengers?Tineidae and Pyralidae
What colour show is extremely hazardous to human beings_?Red
Locomotion in response to odour is_?Chemokinesis
The parasite which is capable of developing upon a few closely related host species is called_______?Oligophagous parasites
The lowest pest population that will cause economic damage is called ___.Economic injury level
Which insect causes ear-splitting plain to some people__?Cicadas
An egg parasitoid of lepidopterous insects is______?Trichogramma sp
An abnormal proliferation of plant cells resulting from an outside stimulus (Insect, fungal growth, a mite) is called?Gall
Silk is produced by_____insect?Bombyx mori
A mixture of active and inert ingredients is called_?Formulation
Juvenile hormone ensures_______?2nd and 3rd both
The pest population at which control measures should be taken to prevent the pest population to build up to reach economic injury level is called_?Economic threshold level
Commercial production of lac through lac insects is called___?Lac culture
Lac is produced by:___?More by females than males
The parasite which can live on more than one host is called__?Facultative Parasite
_is a practice of dining on one’s own species.Cannibalism
The main body regions of insects are called____?Tagmata
Locomotion in response to touch is_?Stereokinesis
The study of insects is called?Entomology
The level of resistance shown by a cultivar is similar against all insect biotypes such type of resistance is__?General resistance
What is DDT__?Dichloro-diphenyl, trichloro, ethane
Reduction in pest population by the utilization of agricultural practices to make the environment unfavourable for pests is called__?Cultural control
Suffering caused by insects due to lack of food is called?Starvation
It is nitrogenous polysaccharides which are more than 50% of the substance of the cuticle are called___?Sclerotion
Which hormone causes moulting in insects_?Ecdysone
Metalegs of worker honey bee is _____?Antenna cleaner
A dose of a toxicant that kills 50% of the exposed organism is called_?
The use of living organisms to bring down the pest population to the sub-economic level is called____?Biological control
A material that is used to dilute active material is called__?Carrier
Antecedents prevent pests to cause damage called___?Protectant
The mixing of pesticide through an agitator to prevent it from separating in the sprayer Tarik is called_?Agitation
What is an antidote__?Treatment is given to counteract the effects of a poison
What is the family of mosquitoes?Culicidae
White files have eggs______?Stalked
Commercial production of silk is called_?Sericulture
Potential pest also called__?Secondary pest
Butterflies having wing coupling apparatus is__?Overlapping
Housefly have mouth parts_?Siphoning type
Butterflies have antennae?Clavate
Type of reproduction in which two or more individuals are produced from a single egg____?Viviparity
The pest which causes no significant damage but is due to injudicious use of chemicals that cause significant loss is called?Secondary pest
The form of the insect after complete metamorphosis is__?Imago
When the forewings are modified into halteres. they are called_?pseudohalteres
Male mosquitoes have antennae while female mosquitoes have antennae__?Plumose, pilose
Insects that are during daylight hours are called_?Diurnal insects
Cypermethrin, deltamethrin and permethrin are examples of__?Pyrethroids
What types of insects are injurious__?Agricultural pests, household pests, Store grain, insects of domestic animals
What is T.S.O?Technical sales officer
The lateral sclerotized region of the insect body is called_?Pleuron
Type of pupae with appendages that are free and not glued to the body is_?Exarate
Which enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of fat and oil__?Lipases
The concentration of a toxicant that kills 50% of the exposed organism is called_?LC
Queen and drones have_______number of chromosomes?Haploid
The pest which damages the crop and causes a loss in quality or quantity which can be calculated as a such pest is called_______?Economic pest
Fireflies are?Beetles
Pheromone used against fruity fly is___?Malathion
Asymmetrical mouth parts present in__?Thrips
A chemical which causes a plant to do it is called?Defoliant
The process of periodic shedding of hard secretion cuticles which occurs during the developmental stages of insects is called_______?Ecdysis
Photogenic organs are present in____?Fireflies
Cotesia flavipers is endo larval parasite of_?Sugarcane stem borer
Zinc phosphide is____?Rodenticide
Diazepam is an antidote of_?Organ chlorine
The ventral sclerotized region of the insect body is called___?Sternum
The apical margin of the wing of an insect is____?Outer margin
Carbamates contain_?Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen
The resting stage in endopteryota is called?Pupae
Methamidophos and monocrotophos are examples of___?Organophosphorus pesticides
Termite workers are_?Maybe a nonreproductive male or nonreproductive female
Grasshoppers and cockroaches have the type of wings that are____?Tegmina
Legless larvae of coleopteran having a tiny head and a few sense organs are?Grub
The use of all possible control strategies to manage pest population below economic injury level is called?IPM
Cotton bollworms and sugarcane borers are_____?Major pest
A poison produced by a plant, animal or organism is called____?Toxin
Which insect cut the root of plants____?Mole cricket
The best example of predators are____?Dragonflies, Aphid lions, Ladybird beetle, flower beetle
The body of an insect is covered by a protective __ formed from chitin and protein. Depending upon its precise composition and thickness, the cuticle may be soft and flexible or hard and rigid; according to requirements, it may or may not be permeable or waterproof:three-layered skin (cuticle)
The ventral tube on the first abdominal segment of a springtail:Collophore
Examples of monophagous insects are_?Pectinophora gossypiella (Pink bollworm)
The insect which is found everywhere are called___?Cosmopolitan insects
Any organism which harms or causes damage to man directly or indirectly is called as?Pest
What is the function of carbohydrates enzymes in insects____?Sugar breakers
Which one of the following produces silk?Bombyx mori
larvae with cylindrical, elongated, narrow-body anteriorly and without legs are__?Vermiform
The parasite which requires only one host for its complete life cycle is called a?Monoxenous parasites
The use of two or more pest control methods except for chemical control in a planned way to control pests is called__?Integrated pest control
Lac is produced by insects?Laceifera lacca
Examples of inorganic pesticides are__?calcium cyanide, boric acid
The chemical used for killing birds is called?Avicide
toxicant refer to a?Poisonous material
Insects that develop their wings externally?Exopterygota
Some insects which are used as biocontrol agents for user control are called?Entomophagous parasites
Syrphid flies have the type of larvae?Platy form
Insects that feed on one type of food are called __?Monophagous
What colour shows moderately hazarous_?Blue
A mixture that included pesticides that do not increase or decrease the efficacy of each other is called___?Additive mixture
Do insects belong to class__?Hexapoda
The costal margin of the wing of the insect is______?Frontal margin
Most of the insects require__?Vitamin B
What KD50____?Medium knockdown
Propagation and release of sterile incompatible individuals are done in pest population is called:____?Genetic control
Tentorium is____?Exoskeleton of head
Social behaviour present in__?Termites, Ants< bees
The spreading habit of the crop is caused by insects makes cultivation, weeding and harvesting more difficult in the process.Haemospora
The function of the endocuticle is?Extensibility of integument and flexibility
What are the most social insects__?Honeybees
The parasites capable of parasitizing a considerable number of host species are called____?Polyphagous parasites
The study of the form and structure of insects is called__?insect morphology
The living organisms that are smaller, weaker or less intelligent than a predator are called____?Prey
The use of all possible control strategies to manage the pest population below the economic injury level is called:_______?IPM
The amount of pest-induced injury to the crop which will justify the cost of artificial control measures is called?Economic damage
The bees that are not reared for commercial purposes are called_?Wild bees
What is bee bread____?Honey and wax
The living organisms that are usually larger, stronger or more intelligent than the parasite is called____?Host
The study of functions of different parts of insects is called__?Insect Physiology
Against Lepidopterous larvae, we apply_?Lefenuron, Chlorfluazuron, Flufenoxum
The last segment of insects which bears a structure that helps during mating is_?Paraproct
Proventriculus also called as___?Gizzard
A level of resistance shown by a cultivar is similar against all insect biotypes such type of resistance is___?General resistance
The hearing organs in grasshopper_?Tympanal organ
The young ones of hemimetabolous insects or exopteryota which are terrestrial in habit are__?Nymph
The fleas do _____?Never flown
What is the function of a deterrent__?Prevent feeding and oviposition of an insect
Which is the strongest animal in the world_?Ants
jumping legs present in grasshoppers known as___?Saltatorial
When the damage caused by an insect pest is slight such pest is referred to as___?Minor pest
A population or group of insects composed of a single genotype is called_____?Biotype
Campo deiform is type of_?Larvae
The pesticide is derived from naturally occurring elements without carbon is called?Inorganic pesticide
Wings are modified into rod-like structures in Thrips are a type of wings?Stripy
The free-living insects that catch and devour smaller or more helpless creatures, usually killing them in getting a single meal are called?Predator
It is a substance added to a pesticide to impure the qualities of pesticide formulation called_?Adjuvant
Young ones of the fly are_?Maggot
The group of pesticides that makes pests unable to reproduce is called_?Sterilant
An insect that parasitic other insects are called_?Entomophagous parasites
What are productive insects_?Silkworms, Lac insects & Honey bees etc
Workers of honey bees have a number of chromosome_______?Haploid
A type of resistance in which a series of different cultivars of the same crop is infested with a series of different insect biotypes of the same species show a differentia interaction is known as_?Vertical resistance
These insects which lie in organized colonies or possess a cast system are called___?Social insect
An explosive increase in the population of particular species that occurs over a short period of time is called?Pest outbreak
The pesticide that does not allow larval insect pests to moult further is called_?Insect growth regular
The pesticide which is used for killing or controlling the eggs of insects is called___?Ovicide
The type of diapause that occurs in summer or under drought conditions is called_______?Aestivation
Aphid is an example of____?Viviparous
Insect bodies are divided into external grooves called Sutures___?Sutures
Mosquitoes and bed bugs are____?Intermitttent Parasite
What is the antidote of anticoagulant rodenticide_____?Vitamin K
Toxic refers to a?Poison
Total complete resistance against any adverse condition is called_?Immunity
Jassid, Aphid and bugs have?Siphoning type
The rapid reappearance of the pest population in injurious numbers is called_?Pest resurgence
A chemical that attracts pests to a trap is called__?Bait
A few species of ants and termites which depend on cultivated plants are___?Agricultural insects
The young one of holometabolic is_______?Larvae
The pesticide group, which goes into the system of the host and kills pests without harming the host is called_?Systemic
Ants butterflies, wasps and moths have the type of legs ______?Cursorial
Hind wings of true flies are modified into the tiny knobbed structure known as?Halteres
In honey bees, a flight for mating purposes is called_?Nuptial flight
Where the most insects are abundant____?Tropical region
The insect head is essentially a capsule that encloses the brain and bears the usually external (ectognathous) mouthparts, the eyes and a pair of sensory antennae. The mouth part comprises basic sections:All of these
Population prediction of a particular species within the field is called____?Forecasting
Death of an insect from a single dose is called__?Acute poisoning
Which insect has bacteria in their digestive system_______?Termites
The largest insect in the world___?Elephant beetle
A substance that is destructive to nerve tissue is called____?Neurotoxin
Iocomotary movement of an organ towards a stimulus, but stimulus does not control the direction of the movement is_?Kinesis
Which enzyme breaks protein__?Proteases
The colony of termites is called___?Termitorium
Moths and butterflies have types of pupae.Obtect
Those insects which live in groups, clones, or tribes form are called__?Gregarious insects
Beetles, weevils and earwigs have forewings very thick and hard structure is__?Elytra
A free-living animal that attacks and feeds on other organisms are called_______?Predator
Types of pheromones that alert the insect from any danger known as__?Alarm pheromone
A substance used in a pesticide, it helps the spray material to adhere to the sprayed surface is called_?Adhesive
Insects in which the young ones pass through complex or indirect metamorphosis are said to be _____?Holometabola
Insects which are mainly during evening or morning twilight are called_______?Crepuscular insects
Larvae with both thoracic and abdominal legs are_?Cruciform
What is the antidote to organophosphate and carbamate poisoning?Atropine
The collective action of environmental factors that maintain numbers of pest populations within a certain limit over a time is called_______?Natural control
The slow-acting pheromones are_?Primers
The parasites whose hosts are also parasites collectively termed as___?Hyperparasites
Fast-acting pheromones called__?Releasers
Viviparous insects which produced__?Young ones
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