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Plant Pathology One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs

Plant Pathology One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs ( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer, jobs etc)

Root knot disease is caused by?Nematodes
The insects which transfer disease from one plant to another are known as?Vector
The mycotoxins are poisonous substances produced by?Fungi
Plant parts useful for extraction of opium from papaver saminiferaim are?Unripe fruit
White rust of crucifers is caused by?Albugo candida
The fungi are plants that can not prepare their food because?They have no chlorophyll
The insecticides with the least mammalian toxicity are?Pyrethroids
IPM is a pest control strategy in which?Cultural and biological control techniques are used
The symptoms of powdery mildew appear on?Foliage of plants
The thread-like structure surrounding the pupal stage of the insect (Silkworm) is?Cocoon
The coprophilic fungi inhabit:Dung substratum (herbivore feces)
The wings and legs of insects are present in?Thorax
Clubroot is a disease of?Cabbage
Bombyx morri is the name of?Silkworm
Malathion and Parathion insecticides belong to?Organo-phosphate
Blast disease is an international disease of?rice
Collar rot in chilies is caused by?phytophthora cupri
The popular insecticides of the organochlorine group are?DDT & BHC
Honey bee, bumblebee, butterflies and moths are?Pollinators
is gram-positive?Corynebacterium
Erysiphe caused the disease?Powdery mildews
The trachea in insects is the organ of?Respiration
The main pest of fruit in Pakistan is?Fruit fly
The economic injury level for whitefly is?1-2 nymphs/leaf
Plant hormones present in the apices of shoots and leaf primordials are?Gibberellins
convert ammonia into nitrite?Nitrosomonas
The study of fungi is called?Mycology
Fungi damage our crops by?Absorption of nutrients from plant tissues
The insecticides with the longest residual effect belong to?Organo-chlorine
The whole body of the fungus is known as?Thallus
The heart-like pumping organ in an insect is?Dorsal Vessel
The sucking type insects’ pests are controlled by?Organo-phosphates
The viral disease can be controlled by?Cultural practices and growing resistant varieties
The major disease of matter (field pea) is?Powdery mildew
The granular formulation are commonly applied to control?Fruit and stem borers
Malpighian tubules are organs of?Excretion
Plant gums and mucilages are?Disaccharides
The major viral disease of cotton is?Cotton leaf curl virus
Antennae of insect is?Sensory organ
Plant growth regulator found in terminal and lateral buds is?Auxins
The beneficial relationship between two organisms living together is called?Symbiosis
The entrance point for air in insects is known as?Trachea
Gurdaspur borer is pest of?Sugarcane
Pathogen is?Any organism which causes disease
The pesticide poisoning with organo-phosphates or carbamate treated with?Atropine
Leaf spot or tikka is the disease of?Groundnuts
Stalk root of onion is caused by?Bacteria
Gummosis is the disease of?Citrus (Lemon)
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