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Horticulture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs

Horticulture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs ( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer, Horticulturist jobs etc)

The national tree of Pakistan is?Acacia Arabia (Kiker)
When the seed leaves the fruit or flower is called?Dissemination
The pigment present in tomatoes is?Lycopene
Chrysanthemum is propagated by?Suckers
A plant hormone that promotes cell division is known as?Cytokinins
The fruit plants resisting acidic condition is?Datepalm
When seeds leave the fruit or flower is termed as?Dissemination
Adaptability, germination ability and variation the advantages of?Cross-Pollination
…..maybe defined as the art and science of cutting away of a portion of the plant to improve its shape, to influence its growth, flowering and fruitfulness and to improve the quality of the product:Pruning
Raffinose is?Trisaccharide
Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, knol-knol are?Cole crop
Variation in the performance of the same mango variety in the same orchard may be due to the variation in the rootstock raised from seeds which may be due to?Polyembroyonic
The protein content of fresh fruit is about?1%
The toxic substance CN glycosides is found in?Cassava
which is the multipurpose tree?Kikar
Coding moth is the major pest of?Apple
The lemon plant is commercially propagated by?seed
Suri is the variety of?Olive
Green vegetables are the source of?Foliate
Edible seeds like almonds, pea cons are known as?Nuts
Collar rot in chilies is caused by?Phytophatara cupsa
Which disease is caused by nematodes in bananas?Root-knot
Which of the following is a good source of vitamin A?Mango
Acid lime is commercially propagated by?Seed
Alternate bearing is the serious problem of?Mango
Gumosis is a disease of?Citrus
Among the root crops, the application of potassic fertilizers is essential in?Carrot
The science and art of establishing a tree crop is called?Silva culture
Lenticular transpiration generally occurs in?Woody plants
Which one of the following is not fruit?Potato
If humidity is more transpiration will be?Less
A Stalk connecting an ovule or a seed with the placenta (the ovary)?Funiculus
Ginger and turmeric are propagated by?Rhizome
Photophosphorylation is the process of generating?ATP
Citrus is divided into three genera, citrus, Poncirus and fortunate by?Swingle
The one reason for unfruitfulness in fruits may be:?Heterostyly
Activities of plant tissues cease at a minimum temperature of?4ºC
Outdoor production of vegetables, out of their normal season is known as?vegetable forcing
which one of the following instruments is used to measure the relative humidity in the atmosphere?Hygrometer
Anti-oxidants are used to prevent food from?Over ripening
Papaya fruit is?Pome type
The high level of starch accumulation is present in?Cassava
Commercial grape cultivation is called?Viticulture
The fruit whose pericarp does not split open at maturity are called?Indehiscent fruit
The science of rearing honey bees for honey is known as?Apiculture
R1 to R6 genes against late blight of potato was reported by?Biffen (1905)
In plants when glucose is more than its requirement, the surplus is converted into?Starch
What is topping?Removal of branches
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