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Plant Breeding and Genetics One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs

Plant Breeding and Genetics One-Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs ( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer jobs etc)

The ratio of additive variance to phenotypic variance is called?Heritability (narrow sense)
The variety of genes and genotypes found in a particular crop special is?Genetic diversity
Rice flowers have?Six stamens
Plant gums and mucilages are?Disaccharides
Protein content in barely is higher than?maize
The low magnitude of genotype x environmental interaction indicates?High buffering capacity
Genetic selection was proposed by?Stadler (1944)
Genetic male sterility is controlled by?nuclear genes
Plant hormones present in the apices of shoots and leaf primordials are?Gibberellins
The reciprocal recurrent selection was proposed by?Constock et al (1949)
The first artificial hybridization in fruit crops was done by?Knight
Somatic hybrid “Pomato” was produced by the fusion between potato and tomato by?Melchers et al (1978)
Global gene pool rice is maintained at?IRRI Philippines
The centre of origin of the sunflower is?North America
Cytoplasmic genetic male sterility was first discovered by?Jones and Davies (1944)
The concept of disruption was given by?Mather
Mating between distantly related individuals is known as?Outbreeding
Plant parts useful for extraction of opium from papaver saminiferaim are?Unripe fruit
Self-incompatibility is controlled by?Multiple alleles
Plasmids are discovered by?Iscki & Sakai
The template of translation is?mRNA
Split gene was first reported in?Cluckens
The term recurrent selection was coined by?Hull (1945)
Which generates variability?Meiosis
Male sterility is the absence of?Functional pollen
Gradual reduction in genetic variability due to the elimination of various () is called?Genetic erosion
The plant growth regulator found in terminal and lateral buds is?Auxins
Self-incompatibility in which the genes expressed in the style is known as?Styler SL
When pollination and fertilization occur in an unopened flower bud it is known as?Cleistogamy
The term mitosis was coined by?Flemming (1882)
Germplasm gene banks for different crop plants in the world are about?980
The concept of multi-line varieties was developed by?Jensen (1952)
The term polygenes were coined by?Mather (1943)
Male sterility in flowering plants was first reported is?Koelreuter (1763)
The oil content in sunflower is?25-35%
Inline x tester cross each male is crossed with?Same sets of females
Seeds that dried at low moisture content and stored at low temperatures without losing their viability are?Orthodox seeds
The term homeostasis was coined by?Lemer (1954)
The system of mating was given by?Sewell Wright (1921)
The development of an embryo from an egg cell without fertilization is known as?Parthenogenesis
ICARDA is located at?Syria
Mating system in which each female gamete () with every male gamete is known as?Random mating
Law of parallel variation was given by?Vavilov
International Institute for Tropical Agriculture is located at?Nigeria
Shull and East (1908) proposed the overdominance hypothesis of heterosis in?Maize
Biometrics for the study of quantitative genetics was provided by?Fisher
The earliest method of plant breeding?Selection
Global gene bank of Potato is located at?CIP Peru
The disc florets of sunflowers are?Bisexual
The concept of path coefficient analysis was given by?Mather (1949)
Colour blindness is a?S*x linked trait
Primitive cultivars which are selected and cultivated by farmers for many years are?Landraces
The seed of a sunflower is called a?Achene
Germplasm collected within the country is known as?Indigenous collection
Global gene bank of sorghum is located at?ICRISAT
Convergent improvement was proposed by?Richy (1920)
Allogamy is the common form of?Outbreeding
The concept of generation means analysis was developed by?Hayman (1958)
The most effective method for the transfer of oligogenic characters?Backcross
In lucern, the toxic substance is found in?Saponin
Pollen sterility which is controlled by both cytoplasmic and nuclear genes is known as?CGMS
Cytoplasmic sterility is governed by?Plasma genes
Tea, coffee and mango seeds can not be converted in seed banks because of the drastic loss in viability with a decrease in moisture content below.12%
Prepotency increases with the increase in?Homozygosity
The mass pedigree method was developed by?Harrington (1973)
Protoandry is found in?Maize
Self-pollination is associated with?Homogamy
Which one of the following is not a cereal crop?Sorghum
Allogamy leads to?Heterozygosity
The ray florets of sunflowers are usually?Pistillate
The concept of diallel selective mating was developed by?Jensen (1970)
The difference between the mean phenotypic value of the progeny of selected plants and the parental population is known as?Genetic advance
Which statement is true?Etiolation is physiological while albinism is genitival
In the long term storage, germplasm can be stored up to?100 years
A place or area where maximum variability of crop plants is observed?Centers of diversity
Herkogamy is found in?Alfalfa
The single-seed descent method was first suggested by?Goulden (1939)
Self-incompatibility which is controlled by two genes is found in?Gramineae
Amphimixis refers to?Sexual reproduction
germplasm which is meant for short-term storage (3 to 5 years) is known as?Working collection
The process of producing several identical copies of a gene sequence is referred to as?Gene cloning
The global gene bank of barley is located at the?ICARDA
The leaf without a petiole is referred to as a?Stipulate
The concept of disruptive selection was first developed by?Falconer (1960)
Various crosses made using a common tester are?Test cross
Conservation of germplasm under natural conditions is called?In-situ conservation
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