You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-1

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-1

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-1( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer, jobs etc)

In bhindi, production of foundation seed needs and isolation distance?200 meters
The small unit of DNA capable of undergoing crossing over and recombination is?Recon
Salt-tolerant plants are called ?Halophytes
Soil particles having diameter greater than 2 mm are called?Gravel
Color off basic matic rock is?Dark-colored
Cross of stallion with female ass is called ?Hinny
Evolution may be described as?Inheritance of acquired characters
Malposition is a condition during which the chick hatch ?Abnormal
Fertilization in a flower occurs within the?Ovule
A condition of green plant in which they become unhealthy and pale yellow in colour in known as?Chlorosis
Ripening fruits soften due to?Soubulization of pectate of middle lamellae
Material deposited by the wind is called?Eolian
In green vegetables, the limiting amino acids is?Methionine
Irregular rock masses formed in the pre-existing cracks & crevices are:?Sills
The lower limit of available water is called ?Wilting point
A propagation technique in which instead of wrapping the notched portion is buried in the ground is called?Ground layering
Pedigree selection is used in?Cross pollinated plants
Calyx and corolla together are called?Perianth
Plutonic rocks are also called?Intrusive igneous
Shelf life of fruit is prolonged by use of?Maleic hydrazine
Consistency and stability of dough’s is measured by ?Farinograph
The available form of sulphur for plant is?SO-2
chemicals which induce leaf fall are called?Defoliant
C6H12O6 bacteria CH2CHCOOH + H2O is?Lactic fermentation
Soil structure without aggregation is known as?Massive
Which instrument is used for determining soil texture?Hydrometer
The reason why mutations which are harmful do not eliminated from gene pool is that?They are recessive and carried by heterozygous individuals
Approximately quantity of milk required to prepare 1 kg of cheese is?12 Kg
Folic acid deficiency causes?Anemia
Graving means ?Pregnant
Fleshy fruits developed from the ovary wall with out stony layer are known as?Berry
Per day consumption of food in developed countries ranges between?3000-3500 Kcal
Which one is most dangerous insect of cotton crop?Pink ball worm
The storage life of fresh lemon at 10ºC is?12-20 weeks
Triticuin aestivum is?Hexaploid
Year 1900 was significant for geneticists due to?Rediscovery of Mendel’s
Process of mixing of soils is known as?The correct option is not present above
capsicum is a rich source of?Vitamin A
In mango and carrot how much vitamin C (mg/100 gm)is present?30
Howe many sub-classes of chicken are?6
All the individuals derived by vegetative propagation from a single individual is known as?Affects more than five characters
Small new plants which grow out from the parent and can be separated as independent plant is called?Offset
Formula used for the calculation of sodium absorption ratio is?SAR=Na / [(Ca+Mg)1/2] Na x 2
Name chromosome was coined by ?Walleye
Some substance are added intentionally to foods for the purpose of marketing them more profit able are known as?Food adulterants
Optimum humidity in hatching room must be ?80%
In California the age of citrus tree is?75-100 years
Which of the following is not a fruit?Potato
Milk proteins of cow milk contains maximum amount of?β-lacto globulin
The problem of granulation has been found in?Citrus
From which part of the coconut from coir is obtainedPer carp of fruit
Deamination, oxidation, polymerization and decarboxylation observed during irradiation in?Protein
Self supporting succulent plants are called?Herbs
Cultivation of grapes is called?Viticulture
Which one of the following is anti ripening agent?2,4,5 trichlorophenoxy acetic acid
Production of silk is termed as ?sericulture
Many reactions similar to oxidative rancidity during irradiation been observed in ?Lipids
Photosynthesis takes place in?Only leaves
An individual lacking only one chromosome from the diploid set is referred as?Monosomic
Temperate fruits requires certain amount of chilling to flower, which one is the important temperate fruit from the following list?Apple
From which part of turmeric plant the turmeric powder is obtained?Dried rhizome
The metric unit of light is?Lux
Top cross was first suggested by?Davis (1927)
Ratio of genotypic covariance to the phenotypic covariance is?Co-heritability
The salinity can be reduced by the application of?Lime
Discriminant function of plant selection was suggested by?Smith (1936)
Storage life of peaches & pears 31ºF with RH of 90% is ?1-2 weeks
In all common wealth countries including Pakistan the basis for food laws being used are?British food laws
A polyploidy species with genomes derived from the same original species is an?Autopolyploid
The ovary develops and forms ?Fruit
The storage life of Banana at 55ºF with RH of 95% is ?4 weeks
In seed formation the outer integument of the ovule shrinks and forms the seed coat, is called as?Testa
Floor space for broiler up to 6 weeks ?1 ft2
Which compound is mostly used in Pakistan for the reclamation of saline-sodic & sodic soils?Gypsum
Cortex produces ?Corticosterole
The depth of irrigation water required for the full crop period is called?Delta of water
Optimum temperature, minimum temperature and maximum temperature are collectively called?Cardinal temperature
Storage life of lemon is?6 weeks
Nitrogen gases are involved in?Acid rains
Degreening of citrus fruit is achieved by the use of?Ethrel
Headquarter of union for the protection of new plant varieties is in?Switzerland
The conservation of glucose or fructose in pyruvic acid during respiration is called?Glycolysis
Where does respiratory electron transport occurs?The inner membrane of mitochondria
Episodes may be factor in?Dominance
What are the products of fermentation of grapes by yeast?CO & alcohol
Prolapse of vagina in goat occurs mostly ?Early pregnancy
In potato food is stored in?Shoot
The storage life of fresh apples at -1 to -4ºc is?8-30 weeks
Rocks which are formed by disintegration of pre-existing rocks by weathering are?Classics
Club-root is the disease of?Cabbage
Dee-Geo-Woogen is the source of dwarfing gene in?Rice
Radiation can be detected by the blankening of photographic film or by using?GM counter
Red (RR) is crossed with white (ww) All the (Rw) offsprings are pink this is an indication that the R gene is?Incomplete dominant
Guava, tomato, ber and melons are rich in?Vitamin C
Which type of bacteria grow best at room temperature of 20?Mesophilic
Polytene chromosomes were first observed by?Balbiani (1881)
The particles density of a mineral soil is about?2650 Kg m-3
Problem of erosion in Thal and Cholistan is due to?Wind
The nutrient particularly influencing root growth is?Phosphorus
Expulsion of the foetus from the uterus earlier than the usual duration of pregnancy is called ?Abortion
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