You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-2

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-2

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-2 ( PPSC, NTS, FPSC, PTS, OTS, Banks Jobs, Research Jobs, Agriculture/cotton Officer, jobs etc)

In plants, the food is stored in the form of?Starch
Large pieces of erupted magma are called?Volcanic block
High values of genetic advance are indicative of?Partial dominance gene action
A solution containing the molecular weight of a substance in gram per liter of a solution is known as?Molar
Bacteria, single-celled animals and plants are grouped to gather as?Protista
Streptococcus thermopiles and lactobacillus are lactic fermentors in?Dairy industry
The practice of raising trees is called?Forestry
How many crops seasons are in Pakistan?2
The storage life of mushrooms at 35ºF with RH of 90% is?3-5 days
True stomach in ruminants is?Abomasum
Maximum mutants varieties are evolved in?Rice
The edible part of pomegranate is?juicy test
The broiler is obtained by the cross of?White Cornish x White Plymothrock
RNA contains?5 carbon sugars
Evolution proceeds on account of?Adaptations through generation
What type of pollination is observed in cucumbers?Partially cross-pollination
While diluting acid always add?Acid to water
The maximum magnification possible within an electron microscope is?200,000 times
Mean annual precipitation for the tundra region is?0-50 cm
A flower having many pistils on same receptacle develop?Aggregate fruit
Study of plant species in relation to its environmental history?Phylogemy
Lithosphere refers to?Zone of the earth crust
Tomato, chilly brinjal are collectively called?Solanaceous crop
A paunchy matous outgrowth in the inner wall of the ovary to which the ovules are attached is called?Placenta
[(NH4)2SO4FeSO66H2O] is the formula of ?Ferrous Ammonium sulfate
Those Amino acids which the body cannot synthesize are called?Dietary essential amino acid
How many mitotic divisions will take place to produce 512 cells from a single parent cell?511
Pure line theory was developed by?Johannsen (1903)
An organism or cell having a chromosome number that is higher than the exact multiple of the basic number is known as?Hyperploid
Foods having a pH value of below 37 are called?High acid foods
The act of removing the skin or hiding during slaughtering is?Flag
The terms micro and macro environment were given by?Comstock and Moll (1963)
the enzyme that destroys vitamin B-1 is?Thiaminase
First agriculture reforms in Pakistan?June 24, 1959
The storage life of frozen fish at -10ºF with RH of 95% is?4-6 months
The aroma of Ethylbutyrateis just like?Pineapple
The moisture content below which a cohesive soil does stick to metal tools is known as?Sticky limit
The wearing away of the land surface by wind, water, ice or other geological agents is called?Soil erosion
A science which deals with the classification of plants is called?Taxonomy
In half diallel, total crosses among parents are equal to?P (P+1)/2
Point of zero change means?Zero charges at the surface
Raising only one crop in a year when there is a seasonal supply of water is called?Monocropping
Whisky is distilled from?Fermented mash of malted or unmalted cereals and potatoes
The storage life of onions at 32ºF with RH of 75% is?4-6 months
Enzymes are?Catalyst
The maximum amount of whey proteins are found in?Cow milk
Sensory stimula for food occurs from?Smell
Saccharomyces cerevisae and Saccharomyces carlbergensic are common species of yeast that are used in?Alcoholic fermentation
An expression of the intensity of the basic or an acidic condition of a liquid or of soil is called?pH
How much grams of vegetables and fruits are recommended for a balanced diet per day by WHO?450 grams
The zorawar is brand name of?MAP
Genetic correlation between two variables may be due to?Pleiotropy
Mendel studied contrasting characters for his breeding experiments with peas which of the following character he did not study?Leaf shape
pF unit is used for the measurement of?Negative soil water potential
Which one of the following are macronutrients?Ca,Mg,S
Ieucaena lencocephala is a popular tree for?Nutritive forage
The surface temperature of the sun is?100,000°C
Meat, fruit, vegetables are?Complex food
A Ration of Antithetic acid results in?Zero hatchability
A sheep with all incisor teeth missing is called?Gummer
The membrane which surrounds the?Vacuole
Shrinking and swelling are properties of?Smecitie
The flavor of butter, milk and cheese due to?Short-chain fatty acids
According to the national commission of Pakistan, post-harvest losses in fruits are?20-40%
Maturation of stamens and pistils at different times in the same flower is called?Dichogamy
Hereditary variations in plants have been produced by the use of?Gibberrellic acid
Which one of the following is a water-soluble vitamin?Vitamin B
The cell theory was propounded by?Scheiiden and Schwann
The breakdown of pertinacious material is referred to as?Proteolysis
Geochemical weathering processes occur?Below soil solum
The most important function of Vit E is in?Reproduction
Which among the following does not possess cotyledons?Carrot
Which bacteria convert nitrite to nitrate?Nitrobacter
Sugarcane + Potato is an intercropping system of?Autumn season
How many training systems are?Three
Pashmine is the very fine undercoat of the?Kashmir goat
Crossed between mandarin and grapefruit make?Tangelos
The ancestor of poultry bird is?Archaeopteryx
Cane sugar is called?Sucrose
C12H12N-NaO8S2 is the chemical formula of?Azomethine H
In sunflower, production of foundation seed requires as isolation?400 meters
The basal part which provided the root system for anchorage and absorption of moisture and nutrients is called?Rootstock
Mango are planted in which of the following layout system?Square system
The enzymes and pigments associated with photosynthesis are located in?Plastid
If a haploid chromosome number of a gymnosperm is 12 the chromosome in its endosperm will be?12
The formation of male and female gametes in the flower is called?Gametogenesis
gestation period of a cow is?282 ± 10 days
The thickness of Dikes ranges from?2-10 m
The pneumatic potential is due to?Gas
All the treatments given to a foodstuff form the washing to the point off consumption is called?Food processing
The term useful heterosis was first used by?Meredith and Bridge (1972)
The conductivity of a saturation extract is greater 4 dsm-1 an exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) of less than 15 and the pH is usually less than 85 is called as?Saline soils
Which of the cell organelle is considered to be rich in catabolic enzymes?Mitochondria
The method of food preservation in which food containing a permanently sealed container is subjected to an elevated for a definite period of time and then cooled is known?Sterilization
The physical condition of soil for plant growth is called?Tilth
Which one is a yellow, crystalline and water-soluble compound?Riboflavin
The storage life of Cabbage at 32ºF with RH of 95% is?3-4 months
Eugenics refers to?The science concerned with the improvement of heredity of the human race
To make light cakes, biscuits and muffins which leavening agent is used?Phosphate salts
Skin diseases, night blindness and kidney stone are caused by the deficiency of?Vitamin A
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