You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-4

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-4

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-4 for PPSC, NTS, FPS, OTS, PTS, Banks and all other Jobs

The tender crop cannot tolerate a minimum temperature of?0°C
The bunchy top disease of banana is?Viral disease
A rearrangement of a group of genes in a chromosome in such a way that their order in the chromosomes is reversed is known as?Recessive gene
The mechanism ensuring genetic continuity in mitosis is?Formation of two daughter cells with identical DNA
Sugar present in DNA is?Pentose
The ratio of CO2 and O2 uptaken during respiration is known as?Respiratory quotient
The globulin in the colostrums is considered to have?Antibody
A cow weighing about 425 Kg and eating 9 Kg of air-dry forage per day is called?Animal unit
If the diploid chromo me number in the flowering plant is 8 then 4 chromosomes will be present?Synergids
Which one of the following does not contain both DNA and RNA?Virus
The electron microscope was invented by?Knoll and Risks
The concept of biparental mating was developed by?Comstock and Robinson (1948)
Citrus orchards are usually planted in?Square system
The ratio of treatment variance to error variance is known as?F-value
Acid soil contain pH?<7
In crop improvement, programmed haploids are of great importance because they?Give homozygous lines following diploidization
Theory of mutation was given by?Watson
Primary air pollution is?SO2
Sweet potato belongs to the family?Convolvulaceae
Chromium (Cr) is a?Heavy metal
Poncirus sweet orange is the hybrid cross of?Citranges
These crops are planted in winter from October to December and harvested in summer from March to May is called?Rabi crops
Percentage of N in Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is?21
The earth core is made of the following metals?Fe & Ni
Mutant allele that has little or no effect on the expression of a tart is known as?Armor
Which rock contains potash feldspar?Syeruite
Nitrification is the microbial conversion of?NH nitrogen is the NO3 nitrogen in the soil
The acetic acid-producing bacteria are?Acetomonas
The outermost part of plant cell is?Cellulose cell wall
A gene that exhibits a higher mutation rate than others is referred to as?Mutable gene
How much percentage of soils of Pakistan are deficient in P?80-90
In ruminants how many compartments of the stomach are there?four
fumarase is an example of?Lysose enzyme
The portion of the axis below the cotyledons is known as?Hypocotyl
Fine-graned rocks formed on earth crust are called?Extrusive rock
In day time plants release?Oxygen
A growing female calf from 12 months till its first calving is called?Heifer
Purpling of leaves is a common deficiency symptom of?Phosphorus
Chemically DNA differs from RNA by?Deoxyribose and thymine are present in DNA and ribose and Ural in RNA
which one of the following is climacteric fruit?Banana
Excess of nitrogen?Delays ripening
If eggs are kept in the same position throughout the incubator period They hatch?Poorly
Almond belongs to family?Rosaceae
The storage life of Butter at -20ºF With RH of 85% is?4 months
If a pure tall plant is crossed with a pure dwarf one, the ratio of a tall pure dwarf in the F 2 generation after selling the F1 plant will be?1:1
If two opposite alleles come together, and one of the two finds expression and masks the other in the body this fact is explained as?Law of dominance
WHO recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is?400-500 mg
Several yeasts can be used in fermentation but the most commonly known species of the genus are?Saccharomyces
Neurotoxin is found in?Sorghum
How many times mitotic divisions must occur in a cell of the root tip to form 256 cels?8
Transfer of pollen grains of a flower to the stigma of the same flowers of the same plant is called?Autogamy
An auxotroph is?A mutant organism that has lost its ability to synthesize one or more essential nutrients
In barley, resistance to cereal leaf beetle is associated with?Waxiness of leaves
The development of distorted swollen leaves which become inverted translucent and eventually necrotic is known as?Vitrification
The term applied to a material that tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere is called?Hygroscopic
In cotton, jassids have nonpreference for?Hairiness of leaves
Vit B2 is also called?Riboflavin
1 Cusec is 283 liters, 1 Cumec is 1000 liters So, 1 ha mm :10,000 liters 10
Humectants are moisture retention agents, help improve the rehydration of hydrated food and solubilization of flavor compounds?Mannitol
A woody plant with a climbing growth habit is called?Vine
Who gave the model of DNA?Watson and Crick
Cattle were domesticated in?Old world
Hen and chicken disorder is associated with?Grapes
Clearwater with organic matter or sediment and minimum biological activity is known as?Oligotrophic
Which one of the following is non-climacteric fruit?Grape
Parthenogenetic reproduction in which both male and female offspring are produced from unfertilized eggs:Amphitoky
Cytoplasm fills the cavity of a cell when it is young But in nature cells, the cytoplasm?Becomes vacuolated
A branch of horticulture dealing with the production and marketing of vegetables is called?Olericulture
In spinach, cross-pollination takes place by?Wind
Chicken egg contains how much protein?12%
Worlds major food crops belong to which of the following family?Gramineae
First intergeneric hybrid between radish and cabbage was made by?Karechenko (1927)
Tuff is?Volcanic ash
Rhyolite in nature is?Acidic
After self-pollination of red-flowered plants out of 40 plants of progeny were white-flowered this indicates that the plants are?Heterozygous
Liposome’s originated from?Plastids
If a plant heterozygous for tallness is selfed, f2 generation has both tall and dwarf plants this proves the principle of?Segregation
Fertilization of egg & sperm takes place in the?Fallopian tube
The concept of triple test cross of analysis was developed by?Kearsey and Jinks (1960)
In soft drinks and dietetic forms of food which sweetening agent is widely used?Cyclamates
The toxicity level of Zn (mg/kg) in plants suggested by some workers is?> 400 mg kg-1
Who used the first artificial hybridization in fruit crops?Knight (1800)
A gene that enhances the natural mutations rate of another gene in the same genome is known as?Mutable gene
The presence of slight differences in identical twins supports the hypothesis that?The environment affects the expression of genetic character
The branch of science which deals with hereditary variation is called?Genetics
Which type of bacteria grows best within the temperature range 55°C?Thermophilic
When have we given stress to the bird a hormone is released from the thyroid?Tryodothyromine
As a general rule interbreeding is possible between?Any two members of a Species
Gene for gene hypothesis was proposed by?Flor (1956)
Azotobacter fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil by:?Non-symbiotically
The physical appearance of an organism is denoted by?Phenotype
Rocks formed from molten magma are called?Igneous rocks
Kundi is represented by its color which is?Total black
The fermentation in which sugars are converted into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide is?Alcoholic fermentation
A compound toxic to crop formed by the thermal decomposition of urea is?Biurct (NH2CONH CONH2 H2O)
The year in which mango tree does not produce or produce a very small number of fruit is called?Off-year
The edible part of the orange is?Multicelled endocarpic hair
The largest compartment in the ruminant stomach is?Rumen
The storage life of Orange at 34ºF with RH of 90% is?8-12 weeks
International Day of the forest is celebrated on?March-21

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