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General Agriculture One Liner Questions Part-6

General Agriculture One Liner Questions Part-6 for Agriculture Jobs (PPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS, Banks etc)

Soil moisture and ET losses are?Directly related
If we place broader and downward and pointed end egg upward, then?Embryo beath occur
Mineral soil contains organic carbon?<20%
Reproduction from an unfertilized egg or reproduction without fertilization may be defined as?Clone
Propagation of guava is done by?seed, layering
The intensity of light in poultry is measured by?Footcandle
Which scientist is considered to be the father of animal Nutrition?Lavasior
What is viticulture?Cultivation of grapes
Which rock is harder?Metamorphic
Duplication of chromosomes occurs during?Mitosis and meiosis
The fermented dairy products are?Cheese and yogurt
The term cell was introduced in 1665 by?Schneider
In Lucerne, resistance to spotted aphid is associated with?High saponin in leaves
Which one of the following is the non-ethylene-producing fruit?Orange
The offspring of a cross between two individuals differing in at least one set of characters is called?Hybrid
Part of soil that is in contact with the root surface is called?Rhizosphere
A male horse under 3 years of age is called?Foal
Vitamin C is called?Ascorbic acid
The application of science and engineering processes to increase the shelf life of food and prevent deterioration is known as?Food preservation
Rocks having coarse bubble holes are called?Scoria
Colchicum is extracted from?Bulb
Amino acid with no polar R group is?Hydrophobic
Which part of the cell is important for and synthesis protoplasm?Nucleus
The term gene was coined by?Danish botanist Wilhelm Johannsen
C6H12O6 Yest 2C2H2OH+2CO2?Alcoholic fermentation
The presence of blood in urine is?Haemoglobinuria
The storage life of grapes at 32ºF with RH of 90% is?2-4 weeks
Meiosis is significant because?Restores original number of chromosomes
The number of calories of heat required to change the temperature of one Kg of a substance is called?Specified heat
Which is the suitable perennial grass for lean periods?Napier
The new crop critical has been evolved by intervener hybridization between?Rye & Wheat
The loose flesh hanging is the throat area of cattle is?Dewlap
In preparation of fruit juices, pickles and carbonated beverages the preservative used is?Benzoic acid
What type of pollination is observed in cauliflower?Cross-pollination
Citrus has its origin in?Indo- Chinese region
If the frequency of a dominant phenotype in a stable population is 75% the frequency of the dominant allele in that population is?50%
a major source of sugar in the world is?Beetroots
The Tree sends down roots from its branches to the soil is known as:?Banyan
Separating a young calf from its mother from milking/sucking is called?Weaning
In Pakistan, hockey sticks are generally made from?Morus alba
Lettuce is?Leaf
The unit of electrical conductivity is?dsm-1
The imperfect flower is?Unisexual
Plants that change from the vegetative to the reproductive stage by producing flowers and fruits when the day becomes longer are called?Long day plants
Where would you look for active cell division in a plant?Tips of stem & roots
The inner shell of the earth consists of?Silicate of Fe & Mg
The transfer of pollen grains from anthers to the stigma by any pollinating agent is called?Pollination
Wine is produced from?Grapes
An illustration of organic material is?Leaf mold
Plastids bring about?Conversion of light energy into chemical energy
The secretion from the mammary gland of cows just before and after the calf is born is called?Colostrums
BMRT stands for?Bulk milk Ring Test
The anaerobic or partially anaerobic oxidation of carbohydrates with the help of enzymes is called as?Fermentation
Pooping is a process during which the embryo?Breaks the eggshell
A process by which a piece of the scion is attached to a rootstock in a way that eabium of both scion and rootstock came in firm contact, resulting in a new tissue is called?Grafting
Urea in manufactured form gases?NH48CO2
When fresh meat in a butcher’s shop is cut, the newly exposed surface, on coming in contact with oxygen becomes?Red
Pakistan has three storage reservoirs, tarbela, chashma & Mangla and barrages:19
Green vegetables are a source of?folate
Particular matter consists of?Solid and liquid
Winter beats are grown in?Canada
IN layer growing period forms?8 – 20 wks
Green manures are mostly used as a source of:?Nitrogen
Naturally, vinegar contains acetic acid?4%
The castrated male of cattle is called?Bullock
Which element is deficient in milk?Iron
Sugar cane is?C4 plant
Chevon meat is a ?Goat meat
The average gestation period of the goat is days?148- 156 days
The kaolinite is a layer silicate clay mineral, it is a 1:1 type of mineral with?3-15 meq/100g CEC
The slow process by which new types of organisms arise from existing forms by genetics variation is called?Evolution
Maximum fixation of K occurs:?2:1 clay mineral
When a goat shows all signs of pregnancy but does not produce a young one is called?False pregnancy
The process of transfer and deletion of several genesis?Chromosomal mutation
The genetic constitution of an organism is denoted by?Genotype
Who arrange the following associated with genetic engineering?Koruna
The storage life of cucumber at 50ºF with of 95% is?10-14 days
Dehorning is the removal of?Horns
The optimum temperature for the warm-season crop is?25-35°C
How many crops of potato are sown annually?3
Gene responsible for the synthesis of repressor is called?Regulator gene
The low temperature in climacteric fruits causes a delay in?Ripening
Several scions with their base end trimmed as wedges are inserted between the bark and the wood is called?Bark grafting
Loss of sensation and heart enlargement is caused due to deficiency of?Vitamin B
A physiological aging activity in which plant tissues degenerate and ultimately die is called?Senescence
The activity of enzymes in fruits usually declines at temperature?Above 30ºC
The exact formula for calculating the base saturation percentage is?Bas saturation percentage = CA+Mg+Na / CEC x 100
In the dairy industry, a process for producing evaporated milk was presented in?1835
Which compound decays slowly?Lignin
The physical condition of soil is called?Tilth
Recemases belongs to?Isomerases enzyme
Which is a passive factor of weathering?Parent material
Which one of the following is commonly applied to plan order to destroy some enzyme systems prior to canning freezing or dehydration?Blanching
Witting and shriveling of fruits are prevented by the use of?Waxing
Foods that fall within the pH range of 50 to 45 are called?Medium acid foods
From which part of coconut tree coir is obtained?Pericarp of fruit
When the red tall plant is crossed with a dwarf white plant all the plants of F, are found to be tall red which of the following ratio will be available when a test cross is made?1:1:1:1
Which one of the following is associated with the normal clotting of blood?Vitamin K
A female goat is also called?Doe

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