You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-9

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-9

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-9 for PPSC, NTS, OTS, FPSC and all other jobs

Most food poisoning organisms prefer to grow in the pH range of?4-5
Alley cropping’ means? Growing of field crops in between two widely spaced rows of fast-growing trees
The process of accumulation of excess quantity of nutrients in water causing O2 deficiency is known as?Eutrophication
The absence of chlorophyll in the plant is known as?Albinism
Molting of bird is done after?72 weeks
Which of the following constitute the best definition of fruit?Fruit is a matured ovary that contains the seed
The moisture content of natural semi-perishable food ranges between?60-90%
The terms vertical resistance and horizontal resistance were first used by?Van der plank (1963)
Sericulture deals with?Silkworm
The plant trigly cerides are rich in?Unsaturated fatty acids
Urea Toxicity is also called?NH3 Toxicity
Citrus rootstock seeding are ready for budding after?01 months
Establishment of a new crop naturally or artificially is?Regeneration
Who discovered ribosomes?Palade
Planting distance of about 10-15 meters is recommended?Mango
Cotton fiber is made up of?Cellulose
A cross of unlike organisms is termed as?Hybrid
The concept of the gene for gene hypothesis was developed in?Linseed
Breeder seed is the progeny of?Nucleus seed
In orange aroma is developed by?Citral
Citrus belongs to the?Rutaceae
Dystokia is a term applied in Lives tale for?Difficult birth
The act of giving birth to a young one is called?Parturition
Polyploidy is most likely to result from?The failure of homologous chromosomes to separate during meiosis
If the leaf cells have eight chromosomes it is most likely that?Gametes will have 4 chromosomes
Which one of the following is the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy?Agriculture
Examples of macrobiota are?Enchytrids
The chemical formula for Ammonium acetate is?NH4OAC
Lethal body temperature in chicken is?75°C
Approximately caloric value in Kcal/100 g of almond is?500
Inflammation of the uterus is called?Metritis
Which one of the following crops are not cultivated under dryland farming?Sugarcane
The change in chromosome number which involves the entire set of genomes is known as?Euploidy
Cells intercommunicate with neighboring cells by?Plasmodesmata
The electrical conductivity of saturated paste is written as?ECs
Mastitis is an infection in cows and it affects the?Udder
A normal plant suddenly started reproducing parthengentically the number of chromosomes of the second generation compared to the parent plant will be?Same
The most common of carbonated beverages in addition to CO2 which one of the following additives is used as a preservative?Benzoate
When the corolla has four clawed petals inserted at the right angle other is said to be?Cruciform
The concept of combining ability as a measure of gene action was first proposed by?Sprague and Tatum (1942)
Gulkand is made from the most common beautiful flower of?Rose
Organism arises from existing forms by genetic variations is called?Genetics
TSP contains?46%P
Slipperiness is due to?Vander walls forces
The spread of genes from one breeding population to another by migration which may result in changes in gene frequency is called?Gene flow
Inflorescence of a mango?Terminal panicle
Mastitis is an infection caused by?Pyogenes
Addition of sodium hexametaphosphate in soil for determination of soil texture causes?Dispersion of soil particles
Prescribed germination percentage of foundation seed of groundnut?70
Undesirable flavor in the food during storage is due to?Rancidity
There are two main buffalo breeds one is Nili Ravi, other is?Kundi
The period from kidding/lambing to next oestrus is called?Service interval
In Latin American male donkey is also called?Burro
A mutant organism (bacterium) that will not grow on a minimal medium does so on the addition of some grown factor is known as?Autotrophy
The main function of auxin is?Cell elongation
The specified period in which a tiny microscopic germ is changed into an individual is called?Incubation
Fruit in which edible portion is thalamus is known as?Pome
Incubation Period of chick is?21 days
In primary trisomic the extra chromosome is?Normal chromosome
Approximate calories in one cup of white-cooked rice are?201
The term ideotype was coined by?Donald (1968)
The suppression of the action of a gene or genes by a gene or genes not allelomorphic to these suppressed is known as?Epistasis
In chicken true stomach is?Proventiculus
Floor Space requirement for buffalo in the covered area is?4 m2
The national flower of Pakistan is?Jasmine
Shelf life of banana at 20ºC in the modified atmosphere with potassium permanganate is?Up to 21 days
Abnormal cell with a random number of chromosomes is?Annapolis
When two genes are situated very close together in a chromosome?No crossing ever can ever take place between them
The fruit tree which is naturally cross-pollinated are?Datepalm and papaya
The production of vegetables for the distant markets is called?Truck farming
Felsic rocks consist of?Quartz & Feldspars
Flushing ration is given to sheep and goats before?Breeding
Accumulation of soluble salts root zone is known as?Salinization
Estimate percentage loss of the world production?25
Elements essentially required for the growth of all plants species are?16
Most of the summer vegetables are?Annual
Acid soils of the world’s arable comprise up to?40%
Cereals are fermented to produce?Bread
During storing food grains, what is the optimum level of moisture?  < 12 %
Sheep are classified as?Ovis aries
Gold is?Native element
Which one of the following is not found in DNA?Uracil
Lactic fermentation product from coagulated milk in dairy products?Cheese
The concept of ideotype was coined by?Wheat
Tyndallization is more reliable than?Sterilization
The deteriorative changes originating from within the food system are known as?Autolysis
Approximate calories in one large raw apple is?117
The term used to denote both sensation and the substance is?Flavor
mitosis is the normal process in a living cell but sudden and abnormal mitosis in an organ will sometimes result in?Cancer
Which one of the following is the climacteric ethylene-producing fruit?Apple
Which one of the following is the best flour improver?Benzoyl peroxide
The direct effect of pollen grains on the female tissues of the ovary is called?Metaxenia
A species or type of a plant-derived from doubling the chromosome of the F1 hybrid of two known species is known as?Amphidiploid
According to WAPDA, the ECe of the salt-free soil should remain?< 4 dsm-1
Plant breeder rights are operating in?200 meters
Mendel was lucky to use pea plants for genetic experiments because?The seven characters he studied were on different chromosomes
The aggregation of individual particles is called?Flocculation
Vit B6 is also called?Pyrodoxin
A phenomenon of fusion of male and female gametes is known?Fertilization
In case of incomplete dominance in the f2 generation?Phenotypic ratio corresponds to the genotypic ratio

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