You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-10

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-10

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-10 for PPSC , NTS, OTS, FPSC and all other jobs

The edible part of the orange is?Multicelled endocarpic hair
Nucleoprotein & glycoprotein is a kind of which protein group?Conjugated
Mutation breeding is mostly used in?Self pollinated crops
Okra, green peas, green beans and leafy vegetables are?Low acid foods
Auxin is?A hormone
In bhindi production of foundation seed needs an isolation distance of?200 meters
Cucumber, Kidney bean, pea and tomato are examples of?Day natural plants
Mango propagation is more successful by?Grafting
Maize has 10 pairs of chromosomes how many linkage groups will be present if all the genes are mapped?10
When a wheat variety with red kernels (homozygous for two non allelic and independent dominant genes) is crossed with white kenneled wheat (homozygous for two recessive non allelic independent genes), the phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation would be?1:4:6:4:1
The branch of science which deals with procurement, ingestion, digestion, & absorption of food for various body functions like maintenance ,production, etc is called ?Nutrition
A mutation is a change in?Chromosome number
Kinds of nitrogen-containing bases fond in RNA are?Four
Jack fruit belong to family?Moraceae
Which Canadian company brought poultry birds to Pakistan ?Shaver
A major metabolic process taking place in harvest yield is?Respiration
The policy level of commercially cultivated seedless watermelon is?Triploid
Cytochrome Oxidase and alcohol dehydrogenase are examples of?Oxidoreductases enzymes
Which feature is not found in all living beings?Energy storage in high high energy phosphate bonds
Which one of the following acid is present in rancid butter?N-butyric acid
Chalaza is a protein membrane that is attached with a Yolk, its function is,?Keep Yolk centrally
Approximate calories in 1/2 breast fried chicken is?175
Anthrax is a ?Bacterial disease
How many different minerals deposits are found in Pakistan ?60
Permanent change in soil is due to?Isomorphic substitution
The first attempt to show linkage in plants were done in?Lathers odorous
Argemone mexicana is an objectional wed of?Rapeseed/mustard
Deep percolation from a soil profile is generally measured by a device known as?Lysimeter
From a single ear of corn a farmer planted 300 kernels which produced 225 tall and 75 short plants the genotype of these offsprings are most likely to be?TT Tt and tt
Holstein cattle breed belongs to ?Nether land
Strawberry belongs to what type of fruit ?Etario of achenes
Anacardiaceous is the family of?Mango
Microorganisms have C/N ratio of?4:1
BOS-Taurus is ?BOS-Indices
Who gave the definition of humic acid ?Felbeek
A paranchy matous outer growth in the minor wall of the ovary to which the ovules are attached is called ?Placenta
In a monohybrid cross, 2 heterozygous individuals were crossed, phenotypic ratio came to be (2:1), it is due to?Dominant lethal genes in homozygous individuals
The most recent evolved plant group is?grasses
Estimation of correlation form error variances and covariance’s is?Genotypic correlation
Orchitis is the inflammation of?Testes
Thick concordant bodies which force the overlying sediments to form dome-shaped hills are called?Laccoliths
Suppose that out of 1000 offspring’s in the generation of a dithered cross, 748 are tall and hairy, 6 are tall and smooth, 4 are short and hairy and 242 are short and smooth what is the explanation for this kind of ratio ?Linkage and crossing over
Mango fruit can best be cooled by means of?Hydro cooling
Soy sauce is the fermented product of?Barley
Buffer solution is a solution which resist change in ?pH
Beer is produced from?Barley
Synopsis occur in?Meiosis
A dihybrid ratio is?9:3:3:1
The used of additives per person per year amounts to about?10 g
The enzymes and pigments associated with photosynthesis are located in?Chloroplast
Algal photosynthesis increases pH of water and releases?CO2
How many type of soil colloids?2
Who gave the equation for study of soil property?Jenny
The device used for the measurement of positive pressure potential of soil water is known as?Piezometer
Wheat plant belong to?  C3 plant
Blackeselee reported the first case of monoploid in?Datura
If the offspring of F, (blue) is crossed with white male parent the result will be?Half blue and half white
A descriptive term for a pregnant cow is?In-calf
System for planting banana suckers followed in Sindh is?Square
The storage life of grape fruit at 50ºF with RH of 90% is?2-3 weeks
Synthetic products which when applied to plants produce reactions almost identical to those caused by natural harmonics are called?Plant growth promoters
In Livestock is considered as?50 % of herd
Tomatoes would not have turned red if?There were no ripe apples in the box
Which one of the following is a dioecious plant?Papaya
Those animals which we keep at hove farm level for our benefit are?Domesticated animals
The term vernalization was first used in 1928 by?Lysenko
The message of jasmine is?Peace
Structure and size of aphantic rock is?Fine-grained
One of the persons whose evolutionary ideas were close to that of Laraarcd was?Lysendo
Colon is part of?Large intestine
Who discovered nucleic acid?Miescher
Banana belongs to type of fruit where the edible portion is?Berry
Which one of the following causes deficiency beriberi ?Vitamin B-1
In a population gene frequencies remain constant when there is?Random mating
Cataracts, a form of impaired vision in which the lens of eye become opaque in old age is caused due to the deficiency of?Folic acid
Pellagra is a disease which is due to deficiency of Vit?Niacin
Approximate quantity of milk requires to get 1 Kg of butter is ?15 Kg
A transonic individual has chromosome number?2 n+1
Vinegar is a product of?Acetic fermentation
In Pakistan first mill was started in?Rahim Yar Khan
Milk proteins are rich in?Lysine
Transfer of pollen grains to the stigma of the flowers of another plant is known as?Allogamy
Ribosomes are important because they help in?Protein synthesis
Commercial production of fruits is known as?Orcharding
Which area of Pakistan is best for agriculture?Punjab
central part of animal body is called?Barrel
If the cell of an organism (heterozygous) for two pairs of genes represented by Aa, Bb, undergoes meiosis then the possible genotype of gametes are?AB, Ab, aB, ab
Infertile male animal is called?Teaser
Brother is bird which is mainly kept for?Meat purpose
Change in body temperature within 24 hours is called?Circadian
Which one of the following acts as an antioxidant?Vitamin E
The period between births of two successive calves from one cow is called?Calving interval
An individual with two identical members of a part of genuine factors is called?Homozygous
In wheat, Hessian fly pest is genetically controlled by?5D + 5d
The average temperature for maximum plant growth is?28-30ºC
If we place dirty eggs for hatching it hatched?Poorly
A useful process for determining whether an individual is homozygous or heterozygous is?Back crossing
If a heterozygous tall plant is crossed with a homozygous dwarf plant the proportion of dwarf progerry will be?50%
One-day old male chick is called?Cockerel
Stadler, first used X-rays for induction of mutation in?Barley
Organisms that can synthesize all their substances from simple inorganic molecules are termed as?Autotrophic
White Scour is disease in?Calves
Plants which shed their leaves during winter are?deciduous
The name “Suicide bag” is given to?Lysosomes
The science which deals with food supply, for human consumption is called?Food technology
Growing of vegetables for the consumption of local market and large center is?Market gardening
The reaction of Na2 CO3 salt is?Alkaline
Cholesterol is the natural form of?Vitamin K
The net reaction of photosynthesis is?CO2 + H2O light O2 + (CH3O)
Carrot, Radish, Turnip, Cabbage and beet are the?Annuals
Ribosome’s are the centers of?Protein synthesis
Red Sindhi cow is also called?Sindhi Cow
Jumping gene was first discovered in?Maize
Ascorbic acid deficiency causes?Scurvy
Which bacteria causes fermentation?Pseudomonas
The storage life of dried fruit at 32ºF with RH of 60% is?9-12 months
Parthenogenesis is most commonly seen in?Grape
Raising of two or more crops in the same field or in year is called?Multiple cropping
Strands of DNA are bounded by?Hydrogen
How much area in Pakistan is under horticultural crops?6%
Three important law of heredity proposed by Mendel relate to?Segregation, independent assortment and dominance recessive ness
The value of regression and correlation is the same when the correlation between two variables is?Perfect
Maximum amount of casein is present in?Cow milk
The cellular structure which always disappears during mitosis is?Nuclear and membrane

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