You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-8

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-8

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-8 for PPSC , NTS, OTS, FPSC and all other jobs

Which one of the following plays the role of natural oxidants?Vitamin E
The union of the second male gametes with polar nuclei is called?Double fertilization
Nanny is also called?Female goat
The science which deals with the path of the food?Nutrition
The edible part in pomegranate is?Juicy tasta
Anti caking agents used in the food industry are?Calcium silicate
The most highly advanced division in the plant’s kingdom is?Tracheophyta
The smallest cell organelle so far is?Ribosome
Breeding season in Sheep?Spring & Winter
Outbreeding leads to reproduction in?Homozygosity
The most popular and common method of laying out an orchard on flat ground is?Square system
The product of microorganism that appears to chelate calcium is called?2-ketogenic acid
Chlorophyll contains which mineral nutrient?Mg
The perfect hardness of any mineral is determined by?Mho’s scale
The smell in the onion bulb is due to?Sulfur components
In forage, crops, ideal plant type consists of?Tall, leafy, high leaf/stem ratio
Shrubs and flowering trees are propagated through?Softwood cutting
Faces accumulated at the time of birth of a calf is?Me-conium
If a plant is heterozygous and is designated (BbMm)and produces two kinds of gametes either (BM)or (bm), then the possibility of (bm) gametes fertilizing either (BM) or (bm) is?Half
the industry is the backbone industry of Pakistan?Agricultural industry
Removal of any terminal part of the plant is called?Heading back
A form of controlled atmosphere storage in which the product is stored in a partial vacuum is called?Hypobaric storage
A soil is categorized as saline when EC of saturation extract is?>4dsm-1
Animal of the same species having the same size, shape, color are called?Breed
Father of agricultural chemistry is?Von Liebig
Rum is distilled from?Unrefined products of sugarcane
Igneous rock whose crystal is 1 cm called?Pegmatitic
Scurvy is a disease which is due to the deficiency of?Vitamins
Which one of the following possesses a banana-like aroma?Iso-amyl acetate
The Potato is?Tuber
Vertical movement of water was studied by?Darcy
The atmospheric layer lies closest to the earth’s surface is known as?Troposphere
If the haploid number of chromosomes in a plant is 12, then the number of chromosomes in monosomic is?23
Approximate calories in one large banana are?176
The recommended plant to plant space for chiku is?50 x 50 ft
Most salt-tolerant grass is?Kallar grass
Kaolinite can be identified by?X-ray diffraction
The aging process in which all plant parts except seeds die is called?Complete Senescence
Ester is similar to?Alcohols
The dominance hypothesis of heterosis was first proposed by?Davenport (1908)
The functional unit of mutation is?Gene
The fruit and vegetables contain an insoluble stiffening material called?Protopectin
Extraction of humic substance can be done by?NaOH
The chemical formula of Dolomite is?CaMg (CO3)2
The digestive vacuole in the animal cell is?Lysosomes
In cereals limiting amino acids are?a and b
What is 2,4-D?2-4 diclorophenoxy acetic acid
Which one of the following does not contain RNA?Plasmalemma
Which mineral contains phosphorus?Apatite
In allogamous species, a true breeding line obtained by continuous inbreeding is?Inbred
The superiority of heterozygote in respect to one or more traits in comparison to the corresponding homozygote is known as?Heterocyst
Which soil bolds more water?Clayey
Isthmus is a part evident which help in?Egg shall formation membrane
The water loss through transpiration from vegetative and evaporation from the soil surface is known as?Evapotranspiration
Yogurt, cheese, pickles are included in?Fermented food
The chromoplast develops mainly from?Chloroplast
An exception of Mendel’s law is?Linkage
Delta lactones are important in?Milk & milk products
A goat of 1 – 2 years of age is called?Yearling
The deficient level of N (%) in plants suggested by various workers is?3%
Species that give out long and flexible branches, the shoot to be layered is covered with soil at several places to encourage rooting at more than one point is called?Serpentine layering
The average weight of a commercial bird is about?40 gm
Which one of the following is applied in the production of leaved bread and alcoholic beverages?Alcoholic fermentation
The attraction between similar particles is called?Cohesion
Who gave the principle that man tends to multiply faster than the food supply?Mathis
The part of the udder which manufactures milk is?Alveal
Roma is a variety of?Tomato
The size of stomata is measured by?Porometer
The experimental design which controls fertility variation in two directions in known as?LSD
Weathering of gabbros gives?Clay and iron oxide
In colostrums Vitamin D is how many times more than normal milk?3 times
In ripened bananas, the aroma is due to the presence of?Eugenol
When a cell with 40 chromosomes undergoes meiosis each of the four resulting cells has?20 chromosomes
Linked genes may be separated by the process of?Inheritance of acquired characters
The practice of incubation was started in about 1000 BC by?Egyptian
The edible part of the apple is?fleshy aril
Cleft grafting is most successful in?Apple
Gynandromorphy in Drosophila because of?inheritance
The chromosome number of human race is?46
Chromosome in cattle are?60
Nitrogen requirement for citrus plant per year is?4Kg
Which scientist started that were 3- proximate principles in feed or eating material?Prout
Humic acid is soluble in?Alkali
Auxins and cytokinins are?Growth regulators
Respiratory enzymes in the cell are present in?Mitochondria
Ornamental Horticulture is the combination of?Floriculture and landscape
Eugenol is an important ingredient of oil?Clove
Appert’s work discovered the principle of?Sterilization
Food substances enter foodstuff accidentally during production, processing, storage and handing often referred 10 as?Food contaminations
A term used to describe animals with on derided hoofs such as cattle and sheep is called?Cloven hoofed
A branch of science which deals with ornamental and vegetables is called?Horticulture
A recommended seed rate of potato is?800-1200 Kg
Na2CO3 salts are?Alkaline
N and P sprayed on the leaves at the time of flowering results in:?Increase fruit yield & protein
Night blindness and keralinization are associated with deficiency of?Vitamin A
Diagrammatic representation of the chromosomes of an organism arranged according to their size is called?Ideogram
Quails have an incubation period of?17 days
Equation of Ozone is?O2 + O =O3
In random mating, population gene frequencies remain constant generation after generation in the absence of?Migration
Per day the developing countries consume food corresponding to?1800-2000 Kcal

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