You are currently viewing General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-7

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-7

General Agriculture One Liner Questions for Agriculture Jobs Part-7 For PPSC, NTS, OTS, FPSC and all other Jobs

An ion or molecule in the coordination sphere central ion is called?Ligand
The experimental design which controls fertility variation in one direction is known as?RBD
Planets in our system are?8
Male sterility in the flowering plants was first reported by?Koelreuter (1763)
Most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust is?Feldspar
Permanente wilting point of clayey soils is not less than?10%
Which is the flavor enhancer in meat products?Monosodium glutamate
Mechanisms of material uptake by plants is by?Mass flow
The role of the nucleus in regulating the morphology of the plant was discovered in?Acetabularia
In flood rice, snail feed on bacteria called?Azolla
Maximum vegetable crops belong to the family?Cucurbitaceae
Calf diphtheria is a disease caused by?Bacterial
The process of mixing soil by fauna and flora is called?Pedoturbation
Agar is an extract from?Algae
Carbohydrates synthesis is carried out by?Plastid
A nullisomic individual is represented by?2n-2
Ruminants can digest fiber because they contain?Enzyme cellulose
The highest milk-producing cattle in the world is?Holstein Friesian
Transaminase is an example of?Transferases enzyme
Oxidation, as well as condensation reaction similar to non-browning due to irradiation, have been observed in?Carbohydrates
Pynivate carboxylase is an example of?Ligases enzyme
Vitamin-D is a?Fat-soluble Vitamin
How much of the earth’s surface is covered with water?70%
A controlled oxidation process by which all organisms ultimately obtain the energy stored in organic compounds is known as?Respiration
Nobel prize for the discovery of operon model was awarded to?Jacob and Monod (1965)
The significance of difference among several means is tested with the help of?F-test
A reproductive part of the plant which is responsible for the production of fruits and seeds is called?Flower
Pellegra is a disease which is due to deficiency of Vit?Niacin
The most widely spread mineral in the world is?Kaolinite
While handing concentrated acid bases or other hazardous chemicals used?Fume hoods
Auxins promote?Cell elongation
The storage life of fresh beef at 34ºF with RH of 92% is?1-3 weeks
What is the total length of irrigated canals in Pakistan?64000 km
Father of weed Science?Jethro Tull
Rocks formed from compacted clay or mud are called?Shale
The complex fertilizer Nitrophos available in the market contains?23%N & 23% P2O3
Trees are characterized by?Single central stem
Biotin is the name given to vitamin?Vitamin H
The time for which water and ion remain in the vicinity is called?Residence time
Which types of fruits are known at higher altitudes in KP, Balochistan and Murree hills?Pomes
The safe limit of No2 in drinking water is?10 mg L-1
The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and toxic to plants in low concentration is?Al
The Buffalo which is commonly known as Panj Kalyan is?Nili Ravi
Where environment temperature is high the poultry house should face toward?North-South
The Chorion is a membrane around the yolk of egg, it develops from?Mesoderm
The storage life of mangoes at 50ºF with RH of 90% is?1-2 weeks
The problem of soil erosion in Thal and Cholistan is predominantly due to?Wind
The available form of calcium to plant is?Ca(free cation)
The storage life of fresh mango at -1 to 4ºc is?1-2 weeks
Ayrshire is a breed of cattle?Dairy
Main product of photosynthesis is?C6H12O6
The management of plant structure and fruiting wood is called?Pruning
Which technique is also called Insacco or Nylen bag technique?In Situ
A compound or a chemical substance that is essential for the maintenance of the body and has a specific role in nourishment if called?Nutrient
The chemical formula of Hematite is?Fe2O3
Which one of the following is used as an antioxidant?DNA
A series of electron transport coupling factors which transfer along with electrochemical ingredients, yielding ATP, in light is called?Photophosphorylation
Pioneer of incubation were?Egyptian & Chinese
Air layering is also known as?Ghooti
Mango stock for grafting is raised from?Stones
Erucic acid is found is?Mustard
In banana synthetic flavor additive used is?Amyl acetate
Liquid food drinking is?Pinocytosis
Continuous variation is attractions are attributed to?Crossing over
When sugars are heated under controlled conditions in the absence of water, they form a hydro sugar, that is readily polymerized to give typical taint and brown pigment this process is called?Caramelization
Apheliotropic gene is one which?Affects more than one character
The geometrical device that helps in visualizing all the possible combinations of male and female gametes known as?Mendel square
An antioxidant is used to reduce the process of?Oxidation
Apple apricot, plum, date, olive and peaches are rich in?Minerals
Color of fertile soil is?Black
A branch of Horticulture dealing with the production of fruits and their distribution is called?Pomology
The chief function of the centromere concerns?Chromosome movement
Parthenocarpy is the production of?fruit without fertilization
External or internal deviation in the birds caused by an unusual process called?Stress
Those rams whose breeding worth is known, is known as ?Experienced ram
In tomatoes, Boron deficiency leads to:?Cracking
The average per capita world consumption of milk per head per day is?320 g
Na and k can be determined by the use of?Flame photometer
The ATP formed in?Mitochondria
Training of animals to give them desirable qualities is called?Tamed animals
A soil with an ESP greater than 15 is usually classified as?Sodic soil
Due to the action of ultraviolet rays of the sun, the human body produces?Vitamin D
Carbohydrates are separated by?Gas-liquid chromatography
If the quantity of organic matter is more than 50% is called?Peat soil
BHA and BHT are examples of?Antioxidants
Plants with persistent leaves are?Evergreen
Which animal has a beard?Goat
Sweet potato is?Root
The food in which the moisture content ranges between 80-90% is called?Perishable foods
Maize plant belong to?C4 plants
Dispersal of seeds by parachute mechanism is present in?Cotton
The crossing of a homozygous tall plant and a homozygous dwarf plant would yield plants in the ratio of?All the heterozygous tall
Which silica mineral is present in the soil in an abundant quantity?Quartz
Approximately caloric value in Kcal/100 g of walnut is?650
Male ass is called?Jackass
Seed is?Transformed ovary after fertilization
Lime, lemon juice and pickles are?High acid foods
Poncirus sweet orange is the hybrid cross of?Citranges
Loss off leaves due to seasonal change is?Defoliation

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