You are currently viewing Agriculture Officer / Farm Manger / Cotton Inspector (BPS-17) PPSC Past paper Solved 2020

Agriculture Officer / Farm Manger / Cotton Inspector (BPS-17) PPSC Past paper Solved 2020

PPSC past paper solved 100 mcqs Agricultural officer Farm manager Cotton Inspector(BPS-17) Past Paper 2020 in . Agriculture Officer / Farm Manger / Cotton Inspector (BPS-17) PPSC Past paper Solved 2020 Government of Punjab Pakistan

QuestionOption AOption BOption COption D
2,4-D is a –––– herbicideSelectiveNon selectiveBoth A and Bnone of these
Wheat seed rate for optimum sowing time is ––––kg per acre30-4040-5050-6060-70
Family of wheat is–––MalvaceaePoaceaeFabaceaeNone of these
Family of cotton is __MalvaceaePoaceaeFabaceaeNone of these
Preferable form of nitrogen for rice under submerged soil condition is NH4NO3NO2All of these
__ is restorative cropSugarcaneWheatSorghumSoybean
_____________ is used to measure wind directionHydrometerAnemometerWind vaneAll of these
Cotton is a ________________ cropCAMC3C4None of these
_____________ is Kharif cropOatBarleyWheatMaize
____________ is a weed of riceWild oatPiaziDeelaAll of these
Phosphorus availability is maximum at soil pH of5-66-7.58-9All of these
_________ is most common carbohydrates in seed.StarchGlycogenBoth A and BNone of these
The most dominant saturated fatty acid in oil of oil seed crop is __Acetic AcidPalmatic AcidLinoleic acidNone of these
The main problem of Agriculture in Pakistan is __Small land holdingNon mechanizationWater shortageAll of these
Plants that demand more water are called ___HydrophytesHalophytesXerophytesNone of these
The agents responsible for wind erosion are __SuspensionAbrasionExtrusionAll of these
Soil factor are also known as ____________ factorsClimaticEdaphicBoth A and BNone of these
Brassica juncea is the scientific name of the __RayaToriaSarsoonAll of these
___ micro nutrient is important for riceZnCuMgNone of these
____ is secondary plant nutrient.NPKS
___ particles have the highest particle size.SandSiltClayAll of these
Recommended row to row distance for cotton is _____ cm456075100
The depth of total water required from sowing to harvesting is called __Delta of waterDuty of waterIndus deltaNone of these
The best sugarcane part to be used as seed isTop on thirdTop halfBottom halfBottom one third
__ emerged first in maize.TasselSilkBoth at same timeNone of these
The plant which changed from vegetative to reproductive phase during long days are calledLong day plantsShort day plantsDay Neutral PlantsAll of these
Residues left in sugarcane when water and sugar has been extracted is called BaggasePressmudFilter cakeAll of these
The part of stem below cotyledon is calledEpicotylHypocotylBoth A and BNone of these
__ used for soil water conservation.MulchingSoil organic matterDeep tillageAll of these
Conservation agriculture is a type of____ agriculture.SustainableConventionalBoth A and BNone of these
The initial uptake of water by seed is calledImbibitionHydrolysisHydrationNone of these
Saline sodic soil can be made useful through a process known as __ResolutionReclamationRegenerationNone of these
______ is a gaseous harmoneEthyleneAcetic AcidAuxinIAA
___ is a macronutrient.ZincBoronPotassiumCopper
In semi arid region the annual rainfall is ___ mm0-250500-750more than 750More than 1000
____ is mostly found active ingredient in oil based insecticideEmulsifiable concentrateWettable PowderGranulesNone of these
The control of insects and pests through predators is calledPhysicalChemicalBiologicalNone of these
Gurdaspur borer is the pest ofWheatRiceOtaSugarcane
The insects active during night are calledExternalNocturnalBoth A and BNone of these
Most of the insecticide formulations are in the form of _EC and WPGranulesDustAll of these
Gram blight is common disease in _Dry regionsCooler regionsHot regionsHumid regions
Bacterial blight is the disease of the __WheatOatRiceNone of these
Best management technique for mango anthracnose is _SprayPruningUprooting PlantNone of these
Most commonly used media for the study of micro organisms is _AgarAerobic gumBoth A and BNone of these
Abnormal proliferation of stem due to some external stimulus is called _Gall formationMal formationBoth A and BNone of these
The disease caused due to abiotic factors is called __InfectiousNon infectiousBoth A and BNone of these
Bacteria that get food from dead organic matter are known as __HerbovoresOmnivoresSaprophytesNone of these
The study of fruit is called _FloriculturePomologyOleiricultureNone of these
The removal of inflorescence of any plant with some terminal leaf is calledHeading backToppingSuckeringNone of these
The removal of upper part of the plant is called _PruningHeading backDesuckeringNone of these
Mango panicle initiation is starts in __Jan-FebMarch-AprilJuneSeptember
The evergreen cuttings are planted in _SpringRainy seasonAutumnNone of these
The plants which have extreme watery stem and leaves are called VineLianaSucculentNone of these
____ is self pollinated crop.WheatSugarcaneSorghumMaize
The selection on phenotypic superiority basis is called as __Mass selectionPure line selectionBoth A and BNone of these
Re-establishment of forestry by natural or artificial means is called _ReshapingRecultivationRegenerationNone of these
The seeds of siris is eaten by the RabbitPorcupineGulheriNone of these
__ are the examples of mass media communicationRadioTVNewspapersAll of these
A farm manager manages a farm in a fashion _Lead, Planning, Organization, ControlControl, Lead, Planning OrganizationPlanning, Organization, Lead, ControlNone of these
Which of the following is the low level economic activity at field level.Farm ManagementEconomic GrowthProduction EconomicsNone of these
A market in which money of one nation can be used to purchase the money of other nation is called Money marketInternational marketForeign Exchange MarketAll of these
Legally established maximum price of a good or service is calledRetail PriceCeiling PriceFloor PriceMax Price
The amount by which a nation exports of goods exceeds its import of goods is calledTrade offTrade surplusTrade deficitNone of these
An interest bearing deposit which normally can be withdrawn by a depositor at any time is called Capital DepositFixed DepositSaving DepositNone of these
When supply of the commodity decreases the price _IncreaseDecreasesRemain constantNone of these
____ are among the oldest food preservation techniques.Drying and dehydraionIrradiationCold storage and freezingNone of these
Deficiency of vitamin _____ is associated with the night blindness and skin keratinizationABCD
Lime, Lemon Juice and Pickles are _Low acidMedium AcidHigh AcidNone of these
Chemically and Bio-chemically enzymes are primarily _ProteinCarbohydratesLipidsVitamins
____ is commonly applied to plant materials in order to the destroy some enzymes prior to the canning, cold storage, freezing or dehydration.BlanchingPasteurizationSterilization(4)  Tyndalization
Soy sauce is the fermented product of theWheatBarleyOatSoybean
The examples of dairy fermented products are Cheese and YoghurtButter and CreamCream and Ice creamAll of these
In dairy industry ______ bacteria are most often used to convert milk sugar into lactic acid(StreptococcusLactobacillusBoth A and BNone of these
Citrus and Tomatoes are rich in VitaminABCD
Swelling of udder in cow is common symptom ofMastitisAnthraxBoth A and BNone of these
The headquarters of Food and Agriculture Organization is inRomeColomboAustriaNone of these
Green revolution was responsible for improvement in production ofMaize and MilletWheat and RiceOat and wheatWheat and maize
CIMMYT is working on ___Maize and MilletWheat and MaizeOat and WheatNone of these
Ozone consists of _______ oxygen atoms1234
Waste water and liquid from industry is known as Industry waterWaste materialEffluent(4)  None of these
The world population day is celebrated on 11 March11 May11 July11 September
_____is best electrical conductorDiamondSilverWoodNone of these
The most rapidly replacing cells in humans are Skin cellsGut cellsRed blood cellsAll of these
CSS stands forCivil Superior ServicesCentral Superior ServicesCentral Civil ServicesNone of these
Which slave of Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) during the second tour to syria?MaisraZaid bin SabitAbdul RehmanNone of these
___ cities are included in hajazMakkahMadinaTaifAll of these
The word “GERUND” is Verbal NounPronounA word with many meaningsNone of these
The synonym of word ENGROSS is ExpandedAbsorbedExtendedNone of these
___ sustainable goals has been set by UNO to ensure food security.10141719
___ can be send via email as attachment.word documentAudioVideoAll of these
__ is not a computer server protocolHTTPDHCPDNSNone of these
A work is completed by 10 people in 14 days, 4 people complete same work in how many days?30354045
Yak na shud __ shud.ZeroAIKDooTeen
The Book “Zinda Rudh” is written by theAllam IqbalJaved IqbalWaleed IqbalRafihuddin Hashmi
Eminent Philosopher and Jurist of 14th century was Ibn e KhuldoonIbn e batootaPrince AkbarNone of these
Machu Picchu was discovered in the 1911192119311941
Razia Sultana was daughter of the (1)  Qutb-al-Din AibackIltutmishAkbarNone of these
Sri Nagar and Muzaffarabad bus service was started in the ____ years2001200520062002
The treaty of Versailles ended theWorld War IWorld War IIFrench DisputeNone of these
Batsman made 210 runs in one day cricket match from Pakistan sideShoaib MalikShahid AfridiImran KhanFakhar Zaman
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