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World’s heaviest Mango (4.25kg) included in Guinness World Records

Germán Orlando Novoa Barrera and Reina Maria Marroquín the Colombian farmers have broken the world record by growing the world heaviest Mango On the San Martin farm in the Boyacá area of Guayatá, Colombia.

The massive mango weighed 4.25 kilogrammes (9.36 pounds) and was officially certified as a Guinness World Records. A mango discovered in the Philippines in 2009 weighed 3.435 kilogrammes (7.57 lb), which was the previous record. This World’s heaviest one included in Guinness World Records

They noticed that the mangos was becoming increasingly big, and they could see the difference in comparison to the other mangos on the tree.

His daughter Dabegy proposed checking the internet to see if there was any record title relevant to the category until the official size and weight were established, and discovered that the mango they had at home was the heaviest in the world.

World's heaviest Mango

Mango is an Asian fruit that is grown in tropical climates. It is grown in limited amounts in Guayatá, usually only for family consumption. Guayatá is mostly an agricultural municipality, with coffee, mogolla, and arepas being the most popular products.

The family celebrated by distributing and enjoying the whole mango after being documented for the record. People were rushing to the San Martin farm where the mango was grown to photograph it, according to German. He and Reina intend to raffle it off in their neighbourhood.

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