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Agreement of cooperation between UC Davis and UAF for Agriculture enhancement

An agreement signed between UC Davis, USA and UAF, Pakistan to collaborate in research, development, Technology, Innovation and Best practices. This’ll help ameliorate our per capita yield and overall quality of Agriculture related produce

Chancellor and Governor of Punjab Ch M Sarwar said that I am glad and very happy that we have signed an agreement of cooperation between the University of California Davis Campus USA and the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I am grateful to the management of UC Davis for extending this cooperation for agriculture in the province of Punjab. I am grateful to Dr Asif Mehmood and Our counsellor general for making this possible. I believe this agreement will help us to increase our productivity in our agriculture products and I want to extend an Invitation that Deans and professors from UC Davis will come to Pakistan. Then the delegation will come from Agriculture University to Davis. So We can Increase our Mutual Interests between UC Davis and Agriculture University Faisalabad.

The Represented from UC Davis Said I am very happy to have such a wonderful delegation with Governor and Other Colleague and we are looking forward to Collaboration and builts what has done in the past. Punjab and California have much in common the Only difference is that California is progressed in technology, farming and Agriculture and Punjab could not keep the pace in that way. But This new cooperation between Punjab and California The quality of seed, the quality of production of crop and further corporation of Learning will be enhanced. The people from Punjab not only learn from California but also People from California will go teach and learn from Punjab

Dr Asif Mehmood said I believe in the exchange of best practices between the two Universities. We will be able to overcome the problems in Agricultural productivity especially in the province of Punjab after signing this agreement.

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